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VisitPhilly.com: Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Fishtown

Cool is the rule in Fishtown, which has emerged as Philly’s truest harbor of artistic, culinary and musical action. This classic working-class neighborhood, so named due to its history as the epicenter of the commercial shad fishing industry, is a colorful exception to the gridded-out urban rule, a collection of narrow streets beset with modest row homes and independently owned businesses.

North of Girard, south of Lehigh, east of Front and west of the Delaware River banks, Philly’s young creative class has put down roots, hoping to take their ideas from gestation to reality. A momentous influx of bars, restaurants, music venues, studios and galleries are the result of such hustle, and newcomers’ integration and collaboration with the neighborhood’s long-time residents and families has set Fishtown on a forward-thinking path.


All images @cognoscere and taken on Saturday February 24th, 2018 in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I heard that Goose Island just opened a location in Fishtown. I'm going to have to check out that area! Sounds like a pretty cool place, BTW: nice images!

Thanks @lrich, I'll have to check out Goose Island Brewery on the next visit!

Is this the same STOP sign hahahah

So is that what happens when you do street photography and you aren't watching where you're going????

I want to know what happened to that Stop sign. No one on the planet is strong enough to do that by hand, but sure looks like an odd 'accident'.

I have no clue, there it sat all bent and battered. If I had to guess I'd say it was taken out by someone who might have had one too many IPAs and one of the local bars and then decided that driving home was a good idea ;-)

I think I figured out who did it. He has a guilty look on his face and I think he's about to enter the crime vehicle and take out that stop sign!!!


For some reason, I can't open this. But I'm sure it is a classic. And that poor woman above that got hit by the stop sign. That could take off your noggin. Wonder if she got injured? Looks like a glancing blow.

Is it weird that I just kept staring at the picture of the bridge and trying to figure out how it stays up? You normally see the posts under the bridge, but for this one, they're out to the side. That allows more traffic underneath, but it also doesn't transfer the weight directly to the ground. There has to be tremendous pressure on the inner curve where it goes from horizontal to vertical beam.

In other news, that's cool there's a neighborhood where things are actually affordable and people are able to work collectively to turn the neighborhood around. Small, local businesses are ones that normally pour right back into the community and if there's a larger group of them, they'll just continue to help each other grow... rather than just boosting someone else's balance sheet.

Loved to see how that Stop sign bought it.

I'm sure it must have been a violent collision!

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Pretty nicely taken images buddy !

Its really amazing captures. You are a good photographer.

Great Captures!
I visited there for a short time but didn’t get to see places like that On Frankford Av.
Steem on :)

So nice photograph its really amazing caption
I like this photograph
Thanks @cognoscere

great information and wonderful photos.thanks

Woah...Such a amazing creativity and nice collections of photo clicks introducing to society. Your camera eye very powerful @cognoscere. Lot peoples can't take like these place.

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That's really unstoppable hahh but great to see awesome shots from you :)

such an awesome place to view admiring place :)

this is excellent to see amazing pictures clicked beautiful

that was totally unstoppable even that sign couldn't stop damn but you stopped it hahah cool shot

Such a beautiful place to travel and click some pics.thanks for letting us know.

that stop sign is brutally runned over man damn but anyways great to see the shots today things happne

Excellent photography @cognoscere

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