Stunning images from the Vancouver Aquarium. [OSC]

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

Original Content. Photos taken last year during our visit to the Vancouver Aquarium. Camera use was a Sony-RX-100. Compact camera but with amazing low light capabilities and great glass.

This is an awesome place and a must see if you are in the area.

I hope this is enough ocean beauty to attract minnows, dolphins and whales. :)



Nicely captured. Love the colours:)

Thanks. love this camera, the RX-100, it is great on low light situations like this.

Very nice love the jelly fish!

I love to see fishes!

I have 2 fish tanks at home myself... they are relaxing to watch. I will see a whale one day. :)

Very nice @cloveandcinnamon :D
Very pretty.

We really need some SPAM protection here.... thanks for the upvote anyway.

Hey @ned I am getting a lot of bot votes lately. I'm posting some original content, photographs that I believe are pretty good and add value to Steemit. An upvote from you could help a lot. :)

Good stuff @cloveandcinnamon!
photography is growing every day!

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