Street Photography on one of the TOP 10 beaches in the world, Jericoacoara, Brazil.

Original Content.

Have you ever tried this: Going to one of those places considered TOP tourists spots in the world and avoiding photographing the obvious postcard stuff? It is a great exercise to train your eye and create better photos. In the end you will come up with images that are your own and show the place from a different perspective, your perspective.

Postcards you can buy anywhere, they are beautiful, but show only the common, obvious, spots and are all the same.

This beach is situated in the Northeast coast of Brazil and was considered a couple times one of the TOP 10 beaches to visit in the world. It is a truly beautiful place that sits in the middle of a protected national park. Access is difficult and takes you on a truck ride on top of dunes for 40 minutes, before reaching the small village. Closest big city is at some 300 Km away.

Place is packed with awesome restaurants, artisans, hippies, hotels, etc. You will find people from all over the world there. I was blessed to be born very close to this place, but somehow managed to visit it for the first time only when I was 27 years old. Last year we visited that place again and I was shocked how It had changed in only some 12 years. I took some tourist boring photos but decided to focus more on capturing the "behind the scenes" stuff. Some photos that would give viewers a better sense of how the place looks and feels.

Here's the result. I hope you like it.


All original. Taken with a Sony RX-100, RAW and edited in light room.


Here's a article from 2014 where Jericoacoara sits on the TOP 4 .


Beautiful !

Wow. You took a lot of shots. Very beautiful. They are all really stunning but one really stood out to me and I think would make a great photo competition entry for one of those big ones like the Sony. It's this one:

It is one of the best compositions I have seen in ages. The woman in the chair. The different coloured walls, the step, the sign - everything works perfectly here.

I would love to see a separate post with just this photo where you discuss the photo, how you took it, why, what settings you used etc.

Also there is lots of other strong work here I would suggest next time separating them out into separate posts so people don't overlook them as there is lots of great work here.

Hey Thanks a lot. I don't remember the settings but I can take a look. I shot RAW and P mode most of the time. ISO was probably 200. This little camera is amazing for street stuff. I can definitely make a post talking about the photo later. This one I took while walking back to the hotel. I was just passing by and noticed the different colors and shapes. She's using the phone and there's a phone provider add on both sides of the yellow wall, saying that they sell SiMM cards. :) I thought it would be know? This paradise place, beautiful beaches, but she is a native, got used to it and only care about texting and Facebook. :)

Regarding split the post in more than one...I don't know, maybe I could edited better and take it down to only 12 pictures, but they should be together to tell the story. I have literally 1000s of pictures like these that I collected in the last 15 years or so.

Thanks again.

Yes it definitely works well - it is interesting.

I understand about posting to together to tell the story but I definitely think you should do a post with that photo on its own. It just works so well with all the different colours and divisions in it.

I will do it and maybe try to explain on the post why the image works...

So, EXIF says: 1/60 f 6.3 ISO 400. focal length equivalent to 28mm. Shot in RAW and developed in LR. Adjusments are very basic, just exposure, WB and a curve for contrast. Sometimes I add bit of dehaze on LR, It looks better than clarity in my opinion.

Great thanks OK. I think I need to manually upgrade my LR because it doesn't seem to have changed in over a year (even though PS keeps getting done automatically though CC). I will need to try out dehaze and see how it works. That said since I mostly shoot portraits I find that modern cameras are a bit too sharp if anything!

I use a lot of prime lenses with large apertures for portraits. Like a 85mm 1.4 . This helps a lot to soften the skin and reduce the overall detail, but eyes are still sharp if you get the focus right. In this case, clarity will only work on the areas that are in focus.

clarity and dehaze are different effects. That's why I like dehaze... it acts more on the contrats instead of sharpness.

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