Pretty in Pink

in photography •  5 months ago

These really tiny flowers grow all over in the lawns, in fact, many people regard them as a weed! I suppose if your lawn is supposed to be super manicured and perfect looking then these little invaders are not welcome at all. I love these litlle flowers can resist taking photos of them when I come across them.


Photo taken by @claudiaz

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These little guys are so cute, I use to have them growing in my lawn. You took a great photo, you can see every detail of the flowers.


thank you so much @bambinotv, it meant getting really low down there into the grass! lol


You're welcome and I know what you mean I have had to get low on the ground to take pictures as well

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Great job, as this is a beautiful capture of such tiny flowers! These are Pink Woodsorrel (Oxalis debilis) and I love them, too! 😊

i imagine they are really tiny.....very nice photo


they are but there are always many so makes a beautiful pink lawn, lol

I love these little pink lawn ornaments and cannot resist taking a shot or two of them.

Thanks to @thekittygirl, I now know the name of them!


thanks @dswigle, I especially like the bright colour!

And they are so beautiful! I've always loved wildflowers. My dad taught me to love them. Well done, my dear Claudia!