Self Sabotaging Beliefs

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It's not easy to make the case that even if we are self sabotaging we might be doing so with positive intent. Meaning that sometimes your brain is trying to protect itself from succeeding and putting yourself in a position of needing to continue to do so.

It sounds outrageous to say it sometimes, but many of us actually fear success, and it's a way that we ultimately try to protect ourselves from what we perceive could be an even bigger failure, a bigger disappointment.


As much as it might be productive to attempt to think about all those times we have self sabotaged ourselves, it might be more effective to start recognizing today the negative behaviors and maybe change some core beliefs we might hold.

Believing that money is evil for example, or believing that the game is rigged against you because you hold no position of power, is in many circumstances disguised ideas of self sabotage. These thoughts become a way to excuse inaction, a way to ignore the fact that we are not powerless, but the opposite, we own our truth.

We can all benefit from interrupting those old patterns, and questioning some of these ideas and maybe letting go of this fear and the beliefs that keep it alive.

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend



good writing~

Exactly. I like the length of the post. It's not too long and not too short. :)
Keep it up!

Self sabotage to me is quite destructive, that's why we need to figure out how we deal with negative thinking. I usually meditate and keep busying myself to prevent self sabotage and negative thinking.

okay you need to know that self-sabotage is a form of self protection, from what you may ask? from the unknown it keeps you safe to do the same things over and over, the only way to beat it is to smile and say convincingly out loud i can do this or even better say i've done this before and imagine doing it simple right? :)

Enough with the sappy self sabotage b.s. Fuck so called success, it's underrated

Great thoughts in this article.

Many self sabotage without knowing it!

Many people are afraid of success and do not realize that they have the qualities to achieve it. Fears come from the uncertain, wondering if they will fail in the eyes of their loved ones and before them.

LOL. This is the ultimate money meme. Close the vaults.

Nice post!

Well said @chbartist....
Our notion and perception really has a strong effect on how things will be for us
I believe in positivity and optimism....they are the instrument of success and self satisfaction. Believing strongly in one self is sure a good start to a good finish

Following you @chbartist. Another great topic!
Today, I posted a blog about being 100% responsible for your life, I think, to avoid self-sabotage has a lot to do with that responsibility factor. I will share it here--

Thank you! All the best!

I suppose you could say that in a way the reason people fear success is that deep down they know that if they were to succeed, that would entail a greater load to bear..therefore greater responsibility. And who wants that right? ;)

Being able to reboot our own programs and rid ourselves of self-defeating behaviours is one of the greatest challenges many of us face. Sharing with each other can help give us helpful tools so I thank you for sharing your own insights. Best wishes

I think people also fear the hard work that comes with achieving success, so they avoid it

Believing that money is evil for example, or believing that the game is rigged against you because you hold no position of power, is in many circumstances disguised ideas of self sabotage. These thoughts become a way to excuse inaction, a way to ignore the fact that we are not powerless, but the opposite, we own our truth.

I'm not sure that I totally agree with lots of specifics things in this. But it made me smile (you know why). And I think there is something to the idea of self-sabotage.

This is such a beautifully crafted piece and I totally agree with you on this. I will also add that the concept of fear gradually hibernates our mind and as such we live but are so unproductive. So borrowing a lead from Newton's Third law of motion, which states that to every action, there's and equal and opposite reaction, we can set our minds free of this unproductive hibernation and rise to our full potential with optimism, zeal and appropriate reactions to success. Beautiful piece I must say @chbartist

What would you think it'd be the best way to change our beliefs to achieve better results?

I say it is time we start living a pragmatic life insteadnof a dogmatic one created by the society who dont know what we are capable of doing at our best.

Btw. To all the steemit user's - have a nice good day!

Hidden truth about Human psychology.

How can i let go of this fear and the beliefs that keeps these fear alive?

With deep thought, as with any belief. Analyze their core, their reason to exist and how justified they are. Once you start doing this on a regular basis with every belief that seems a bit counter-intuitive, you'll reach a decent level where you can improve yourself on your own.

In life we ​​must experience many unexpected things. Sometimes we are tired and need the inspirational words of life to boost our spirits.

Seems folk will either looks for excuses to fail of opportunities to succeed.

looking great

it's not easy but it's very cool bro

Damn. Definitely spoke to my soul a bit there.

When it is successful, people will demand more and expectations will increase.

Meeting these expectations will also require energy and time. (There is also the fear of not meeting expectations, but this is not a success, but fear of failure.)

People who are not prepared to meet these expectations may be afraid of success.

I like the article very much. Thank you for the beautiful letter.

I'm so happy to start following your motivating blog :)

always pleasure to read your post sir @chbartist

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You're very right. For years I've been fighting those behaviors, but it seems that every time a new project launch is actually coming up, I find ways to delay and avoid it. Success is a very frightening thing, I'm not sure why, but we would all be much better if we learn to fight and change those behaviors and deal with those fears.
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Nice write up

Love and life, that is all😘

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts...

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So true! It’s such a struggle man...the brain resistance. I’ve been in a rut with my music career since I was at Belmont university for guitar. I’ve spent 7 years playing the same dead end gigs and being broke in Nashville. Steemit has been the new wiring system that I’m forcing my brain and ego to accept (as it has resisted change for so long!) I just got approved a few days ago and I’m so excited! Thanks for helping me make this connection and sight in my mind:)

There are many beliefs which we pick up while growing up... The key is to identify and anihilate those belifes and we'll thrive.

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exceelente post me gustaria contar con tu voto

A lot of people hold limiting beliefs that are really outrageous and they don't know they hold. There's a very popular one that says with more money comes more responsibility. Also, ask yourself if you think your relationships with the people around you will change if you get a lot of money. That's a big one for people, and most people realize they believe that yes, they do believe their relationships would change or that they would even lose people.

i was once like that but i have to go online to watch bass guitar videos and i said to my self i can me a good bass player, i think am a god bass player now

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You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts. ~ Philip Arnold ~

I couldn't agree more. Our belief system is everything we manifest in reality. Success is our birthright. upvoted, following and resteemed. Have a nice day.

People are strange. Waiting that something happens is an easy way but you will get nothing probably. Fighting with a current to achieve your goals and succeed is something most people are really afraid.

I feel like you're talking to me.

My blog crashed some weeks back and I lost all my contents.. I've gotten it back up but I've not published a single post.

I have just been brushing it aside because its painful to start again and now I think the fear of something going wrong.

This is deep & insightful.

Thank you!

Today I motivated myself by just saying: "Be a soul filled with love".

It was my mantra today. It can be love for anything. For your job, your passion, a person or just being happy you're on this earth.

After having experienced a great loss, I feel this is really helping me.

Be a soul filled with love.

Well some time i have found myself saying that i don't want to be as wealthy as that particular person and some such numbo jumbo. That all i need is just sufficient money. The question is how much is sufficient? Your post is an eye opener. I got to say no to this fear that is killing my potential for success. Thank you for good content.

I agree with all the points you mentioned above and I think that is one of the issues many people are held back by themselves. Actually, we all reach this point from time to time. But the problem with self sabotage is the fact that it is not as easy to overcome as one might think initially. Since we imposed the problem on ourselves subconsciously, you cannot just do it. You first have to admit to yourself that there is something holding you back and you have to work on it actively. There is not quick fix that you do once and the problem is just gone. You will relapse from time to time, and those "relapses" will remind you what you have reached so far.

People often tell you to just "DO IT" (pun intended) but if anyone thinks that issues like this work just like that, they have never really faced such a problem. Just my thoughts about it, but the human brain is a master of hiding fears from ourselves and it is often even better at keeping us distracted from taking a deeper look. Life today is so fast that people rarely get the chance to think about themselves and this only amplifies the topic mentioned by the OP.

Nice post, amazing.
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Nice Post, one thing I struggle to understand is Purpose, yes we all talk about the journey to success etc, but I fail to look deep down and find purpose. I kind of cringe when a parent says " My purpose in life is to support my child". I can's say I totally agree with that parent.

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Okay, this was insightful. However, still no answer as to how one could overcome that fear. Yet, I think you made me realize that I indeed do fear a bigger failure. Thanks for the post.

I have passed too many rejections and failures all of my life and I blamed my self for those all things. But after all I realize that struggles make me stronger because I will always keep hope and beliefs above all. Thanks for the value inspiration @chbartist

Exactly.For achieving success you have to face negative comments of people.It is similar to story of try try again but you don't let other one to decieve you and be firm with your truth.

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Me cayo como anillo al dedo, buena lectura y cuanta verdad en tan pocas lineas.


Good piece. very interesting piece.

Self sabotage is a kind of a defence mechanism just like you said, this is something that we develop as we grow up, we have to interrupt them the main question is how - I think taking a look back to the causes is the way. Thank you for this lovely thought.

Awesome - new to the Steemit Community. Been having these types of thoughts recently. Good stuff!

a very good post

really amazing. ever wanted to be like you @chbartist

good like man

Very true, I believe that we sometimes are afraid of the unknown or might have had a previous bad experience and in stead of learning from it we push against it. :-)

This is a very well-written story ..

Beautiful writing. Awesome post. Amazing photography. I am also a music lover. Thank you so much for sharing.

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this made me think. looking forward to your next post.

such a awsome wish from you...

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I was a self sabotager, I tore it all down and now I'm building again. To the TOP Hip Hop you don't stop!

Great motivational speech on overcoming our own fallacies

Buen dia amigo, Aqui le deje mi voto. Saludo desde Venezuela. Unidos podemos lograr grandes metas. Saludos

Nice your post. I can all benefit from interrupting those old patterns, and questioning some of these ideas and maybe letting go of this fear and the beliefs that keep it alive.

I've been doing this in my own life.. Thanks for the encouraging words!

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