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You are 100% responsible for your life.

Let that statement set in. Feel it?

Most of us are quick to say, “yeah, I know”. But the next time you find yourself complaining, blaming, feeling in lack or disappointment, remind yourself, you are 100% responsible for your life.

There's lots we can’t control. And there will be things that happen in our lives we don’t necessarily have to take responsibility for but we must be responsible for how we react to it.

Your reaction and the level at which you’re going to allow it to effect your life IS in your control. You are 100% responsible for how you’ll process it.

Not taking responsibility often looks like excuses. Using things outside of ourselves to blame for our lack of accomplishment, our behaviours and our reactions.

Often, we are quick to take this approach to take that responsibility off of ourselves. We set out high expectations of how life and others should treat us. This approach will always disappoint.

It’s better to not have any expectation at all. The power lies with in the way you choose to react.

There's also a more feel-good side to being 100% responsible for your life. This is an exercise I highly recommend:

Make a list of the highlights of your life all the things you’ve accomplished over the years. Start with back when you were a child. 10-14, 15-19, 20-25, 26-30 and so on. Chunk it down and collaborate all the things you’ve done, big and small that make you feel proud.

You get to be 100% responsible for all that good stuff too!

Once you have the list completed, go back over it and right down beside each thing how it made you feel and makes you feel now. Then say to yourself, “I am 100% responsible for making that happen”.

This exercise it to demonstrate that when we get to take responsibility for all the things we focused on and made happen.

If you have goals or fresh New Years resolutions. Write them down and say to yourself. “I am 100% responsible for making that happen”

This shifts your mindset into action. You won’t wait for the “right time” or someone else to come save you. You’ll start to take action when you know it’s all up to you.

Hearing the words “you are 100% responsible for your life” does have a bit of a negative energy to it, until you give it new meaning, a new positive energy around what get to be responsible for.

:: You get to create your life.
:: You get to make choices that feel good for you.
:: You get to change things that don’t feel good. You get to be in control of your reality.

To add a more positive feel, affirm to yourself, “I’m 100% responsible for my life and I get to _________.”


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