Spring or Winter?

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Spring in Alaska often means unpredictable weather throughout the state. We headed to Hatcher Pass to check out the conditions. We were greeted with a white out and winter temperatures. Below the mountains the weather was 40 degrees and clear skies, but above we were transported back to the cold. In the pass there are beautiful cabins you can rent for a few nights. The red huts contrasted amazingly against the winter landscape. It's crazy what a few thousand feet of elevation gain can do to the weather systems. Hatcher Pass varies incredibly between seasons from vibrant green in the summer to a golden yellow in Autumn.

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/1000 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/1000 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/1250 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/1250 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/1000 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/1000 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/1000 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/640 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/320 sec

Thank you for checking out my blog! The trip to Prudhoe Bay is only 10 days away. We will be traveling to the top of Alaska and into the arctic circle. The 60 day, 12,000 mile road trip is a month away!



Beautiful... Have you been to Iceland? Can it be a bit similar to Alaska? (Great photos)

Yes they are very similar but Alaska is a lot more difficult to travel through. A lot of places you need a plane to reach. Thanks for commenting!

I see the beauty of being in the middle of that white nowhere, so to speak. I guess those who live there are used to it. Those red cabins are cute. Looking forward to reading about your trip, have fun :)

Thanks! It can be tough to get used to the extreme winter but it’s beautiful!

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Sorry I couldn’t make it but thank you so much for presenting my work! I’ll definitely try to catch the next show :)

No problem! See ya around :)

Good eye, very nice shots. I'm definitely adding Alaska to my bucket list.

It’s a crazy place that you really have to experience firsthand to appreciate. Thank you!

These are great, those little huts look so cute!

The picture are mesmerizing .
Thank you for providing the metadata they are of great help.☺
What gear do you use btw?

I just switched over to a Fuji xt2. So far I love mirrorless and the lightweight feel!

Because at the end of the day "You just need to get your job done"

Great pictures beautiful country I want to go to Alaska so bad!

Hopefully you get the chance to visit soon!

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Beautiful series, excellent composition and generally clear images. I like and very much.

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