Searching For The Aurora

in photography •  11 months ago

Here are a few photos from last nights aurora chase. They don't call it "chasing the aurora" for no reason. Often times you go out for hours, in the cold, and stay up all night only to come home with no pictures. The forecast was relatively strong when we set out at 10pm but it quickly died out by midnight. The sky was incredibly clear last night though so I took the opportunity to capture some astro photos. Even when the lights don't show up, I am still happy spending the night with good friends outdoors.

Tonight my friends and I are heading further north in the hopes we will be able to find a better location to see the lights.

f/2.8 - 15 seconds - ISO 800 - 24mm

f/2.8 - 15 seconds - ISO 800 - 24mm

f/2.8 - 20 seconds - ISO 1600 - 24mm

f/2.8 - 20 seconds - ISO 1600 - 24mm

f/2.8 - 20 seconds - ISO 1600 - 24mm

Thank you for reading and supporting my work! Are you going out to capture the Aurora tonight?



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I wanna see Aurora too but not tonight. That's in my bucket lists.


Hopefully you get a chance to see it!


Absolutely stunning. It's my dream to shoot in Norway.


Yes my friend, Norway is amazing !!! I fell in love with this place 6 years ago and I'm still fascinated.

Good luck with the hunt, I was lucky enough to catch them in Iceland a few years back, its the most bizarre spectacle yet the most beautiful too. Fingers crossed for you, look forward to hearing if you were successful!


Thanks for the support! I've seen them five times this winter I believe and every time it was amazing. Iceland is definitely a great location for the lights because of the way the band forms around the world. Canada also seems to be amazing. Pictures coming for sure if we find them :)

Awesome set, love that second shot.


Thanks guys! Hopefully I'll have some aurora to add to the feed tomorrow :)

Now these shots are just like cotton candy for my eyes! Loving that blue! I hope to see those beauties one day soon.


I usually shy away from blues but I wanted to try something new this time. Great to hear you enjoyed them! I hope you get the chance too as well.

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Amazing work! I’ve got to the Northern Lights just once. I was camping in a field in Northern Idaho and it was so dark, the lights were amazing!


That's great! I'm glad you were able to see them. I hope everyone gets a chance at some point.

Great the photo beautiful aurora man


Ure welcome. Support me with your power

Those night skies are stunning. So vast and clear. The aurora is a dream for me. All the best with your hunt. I hope you strike gold ❤


Thanks so much! I can guarantee pictures if the lights are out :)

These photographs are so awesome! I love them all. Good luck with searching the aurora. You must be freezing though.


Layers are my best friend! it's not too bad only about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat wave ;)

Aurora or no aurora these are still some epic shots dude!


Thanks man! Just saw your portrait work. WOW such intricate detail in the scene. Amazing work


Thank you man appreciate the kind words, i'm just winging it most the time but i love your landscape work

awesome pictures ❤️❤️ it
good luck for the aurora


Thank you! It worked out last night :)


😲😲 omg.. wish i was there..

I love these photos! Being out at night under a cold crisp sky is one of the most invigorating things. I forget that my fingers are getting cold until I get back in the truck!


Haha same here! I'll be distracted by what I'm doing and then realize my hands are about to fall off!

Amazing photography. Love the shift from blue to Night sky. Followed.


Thanks for the support!

This is so beautiful! I wish I was there .. ❤️

Bro the shooting star shots are so sick. Good luck out there tonight!


Definitely got lucky with those! It was one of the clearest nights I've seen this winter though. Thanks for the support!

Wow these are amazing! I would be trying to capture the aurora but it's awful weather here!


I usually get awful weather when it gets strong as well. Hopefully you have better luck soon!


Thank you, I hope so too!

Amazing i love it, greetings!

gorgeous pic..!!

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