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RE: Road To Moraine

What beautiful landscapes, I still marvel at the cold places, being a tropical country, we do not have sites of this type. (Venezuela)

It is a delight to look at what you can appreciate being on site thanks to your magnificent photographs, I like very much the first parace a postcard, worthy of appearing in steemit and any magazine in the world.

on the other hand that evil is also found in the parks of my country, it is common to see hundreds of people, that to some extent spoils the panorama and more when it comes to being one with nature, and not to say if you want to take photographs.

By the way, which camera do you use? the colors are really incredible, the blue water denotes its purity.

Thank you for sharing this post, brother greetings


I always look at tropical places in envy! I guess it goes back to the old saying "The grass is greener on the other side". Thanks for your comment!

because I wait for you on this side of the world to explore, the opposite happens to me, I envy other latitudes

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