First Camping Trip Of The Season!

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This weekend my friends and I went out camping for the first time this season. The snow has melted at the lower elevations and the weather is getting warmer. We drove south to the Kenai Peninsula to a somewhat hidden camp spot just off the main road. It's located next to a lake and I have never seen more than five people there at one time. Setting up a fire we stayed up for hours enjoying being out and not freezing. We went to sleep under a light rain and woke up to snow and hail. The weather in Alaska during the spring is chaotic and beautiful. It shifted from rain to snow, hail, and clear skies three times over the course of the day. After getting up we drove south to the coastal town of Seward for lunch. Driving along the beach we spotted two massive sea lions but were unable to capture them before they dipped back below the surface. The increase in wildlife activity signals the transition of seasons. Soon the tourists will be here ;). The harsh winters really make you appreciate any time it's not winter. The days grow long and the land of the midnight sun comes to life. If you're thinking about visiting, summer is definitely the time.

f/2.8 - ISO 400 - 1/400 sec

f/4.5 - ISO 200 - 1/640 sec

f/4.5 - ISO 200 - 1/640 sec

f/4.5 - ISO 200 - 1/640 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/1000 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/4000 sec

f/4.0 - ISO 200 - 1/3200 sec

f/5.6 - ISO 200 - 1/2500 sec

f/4.5 - ISO 200 - 1/1250 sec

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog! The 60 day road trip is only 43 days away and the trip up to the arctic circle is only 18 days away. We will be driving to Prudhoe Bay at the very top of Alaska. I can't wait for that trip and to share the adventures we run into.



I just got back from camping as well. Didn't quite have a view like you did though lol. Great shots i love it!

amazing work :) i really need to learn more about iso's and stuff like that.

what would u suggest for sunsets/rises? my cameraphone allows 100-1600

It depends on a lot of factors. Do you shoot in manual? Where you control the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO? Those three make up the exposure triangle.

im only using an alcatel onetouch pixi 3 - it allows me to change iso (100 - 1600, and exposure +/- 3

got a half decent panorama today of the sunset, but im sure i can do better

Phones are generally really good just using the auto setting. It can be tough to math the quality of a dedicated camera but you can definitely get really nice photos with a phone! :)

Every single picture looks sweet.
I am happy that you mentioned the metadata of the images.
Mind checking my stuff I am also a photographer.
I am already following you

Thank you! I checked out your work. Very nice!

Hah! Wonderful to see this! Here's May 11, 2017....If I had time to camp I would have. This lake spot was amazing, but I was also on my way to Seward. A lot more snow this year than last year looks like.


It started raining 2 days later when I passed by again and the ice started pushing onto the shore. The sound was pretty amazing.



Lovely photo series Chase! It might be spring according to the calendar but it's still cold there. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures. Good luck!

just so beautiful and stunning pictures , Chase!

Thank you! So excited for the changing season.

These are beautiful man. Love that second one. So good

Just waiting for summer to be in full swing man. Thanks for the support!

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Awesome pictures! I love the mood!

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