Dallas On 35mm Film

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Last year in July I visited my sister in Dallas. I decided to challenge myself and leave my digital camera behind. I shot on 35mm film on the trip using a canon AE-1 and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. I absolutely love the look of film and the challenge of not knowing what the picture is going to look like until you get it back to the lab and get it developed. The film stock I used was FujiFilm X-Tra 400. Fuji film has beautiful green colors and was perfect for the botanical gardens that we visited. It was a nice change of pace to get out of Alaska and into the city. I would love to shoot more street photography but Alaska doesn't lend itself well to that. Here are some of my favorite shots!





















Thank you for supporting my work! Have you ever shot film? If so, share some of your favorite images in the comments!

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a picture that is very impressive .. can be an example for user steemit ...

Hopefully we can be good, I am happy to be friends with you*#

You are very kind, happy to be friends with you

Amazing perspective, Excellent Camera choice also

I love the back to basics feel of film cameras

Cool photos @chaseburnett! I especially like the fountain one.

Yes, I've shot hundreds of rolls back in the day but I don't think I've shot a single roll in about 10 years. Sometimes I miss the joy of getting a roll of slide film back from the lab but really, I like the instant gratification of digital better. Since you asked, here's an oldie but goodie shot on Fuji Velvia in 2002, using a Canon EOS3.
Donner Lake Sunrise 4.jpg

Wow that is an amazing sunset! Really gorgeous work

Thank you @chaseburnett, definitely one of my favorites from my film days.

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These are amazing, you really can't beat film!!

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