Alaskan Ice Caves

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Less than three miles from the trailhead set back in the valley lies Byron glacier. The glacier gives life to massive caves of ice buried by deep layers of snow. Constant avalanches cause massive changes to the landscape and the hike is different every time you go. We started the hike climbing over massive rock fields and waist deep snow. Recent avalanches had revealed large openings in the ice and allowed us to travel deep within the caves. The midday sun reflected off the ice and created the deepest blue color I have ever seen. The ice helped to push the light further and further into the caves. Cracks within the ice made it look like marble. As we climbed higher into the valley melting ice created temporary waterfalls that fed into the darkness. One of the coolest parts of ice caves is just how different they look each time. The weight of the ice often causes it to come crashing down and shifting snow reveals new areas to explore. Exploring these caves can be dangerous, however. During the spring the warmer conditions present explorers with treacherous conditions. It can be hard to determine stability and you should exercise extreme caution if you get the chance to explore ice caves.On our way back we stopped by Girdwood and were greeted with intense sun rays shooting through the forest top. The perfect way to end an already amazing day.

f/2.8 - ISO 100 - 1/800 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 100 - 1/160 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 100 - 1/80 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 200 - 1/250 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 1250 - 1/250 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 1250 - 1/250 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 640 - 1/250 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 640 - 1/250 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 1000 - 1/160 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 1000 - 1/160 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 100 - 1/800 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 800 - 1/100 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 100 - 1/400 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 100 - 1/400 sec

f/2.8 - ISO 100 - 1/400 sec

Thank you for supporting my work! Have you ever explored ice caves? Do you have any plans to visit Alaska? I’d love to hear from you!



Epic post as always mate ! So much to see in Alaska. Can't wait to get back there one day.

Amazing photos! A dream to visit this place)

Is that Superman? Is this the way to the Fortress of Solitude? Take me there! :D

Haha it might be ;)

OMG I love Alaska. I've been there 2007 and the feelings are still so strong and they probably never change:)

Explored? I've never even seen one to begin with! These photos are lovely!

Hopefully you get the chance one day. Thank you!

Love exploring Byron Glacier!!

This place looks surreal . . .

It's so crazy every time. Definitely a unique experience

Gosh man, this photo set is so beautiful! Nothing better than that Alaskan Blue Ice

Super cool man! Looks like a sick adventure

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