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Come To the beautiful scenic little town of MT Airy and have lunchIMG_2369.JPG Hot dogs loaded with chili and slaw at the local soda shop,IMG_2365.JPG yes he was laughing at me! IMG_2363.JPG its a throwback to the fifties has a good feeling being in thereIMG_2368.JPG ok the question now is Pepsi or coke?IMG_2384.JPG A couple doors down is the ice cream shop yum homemade!IMG_2372.JPGIMG_2371.JPG Would you like some moonshine in your ice cream!IMG_2378.JPG Here we are in a comfortable corner watching people outsideIMG_2383.JPG![IMG_2378.JPG] moonshine yea! Does anyone that's not from the country ever had it?IMG_2386.JPG MT Airy is ready for the fourth of July!! IMG_2341.JPG now we are going around the mountain to my father in law house to sit a spell and chat about the weather and how our families areIMG_2339.JPG we sit on the porch and drink iced sweet tea and just enjoy the viewIMG_2339.JPG This land has been in my husbands family for over two hundred years! Well that's my day of country living going home soon to water my garden hope you guys enjoyed your day and liked mine❤️❤️ live on the moment, just live!

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Wow what wonderful places !!Congratulations on enjoying life with who you love!!:))

Thank you Eduardo! Yes it is a wonderful thing!

Wow moonshine is liqueur ice-cream? How does it taste? Upvoted and resteemed good job bringing original stuff to our steem community

Moonshine is homemade liquor in a still, stronger than any liquor you can buy at the store, they were and still are making it all over the mountains next to rivers and such thank you for resteeming and thank you for your comment!🌺

And thank u for u r clarifications friend, come and visit me at @racemlaadhar i wrote a killer article, pretty depressing and the pain is real, actually what i ve been through yesterday, but totally worth a read - - - - - - >

I love slaw dogs! My family always thought I was weird for loving slaw on hot dogs. lol. That's a beautiful place to have sweet tea!

Here in north Carolina its the only way lol and on your barbecue sandwiches to they have red slaw or white slaw I asked my husband when I first moved here for a hamburger all the way and it had chili and slaw I meant lettuce tomato cheese and mayonnaise! Things are different here and I'm used to it now and loving it! About the weird thing well I'm weird too!😜😜

Oh yeah Mt Airy the birthplace of Andy Griffith! When I was a young boy (and now too) I loved the Andy Griffith show. They say Mayberry was based on Mt Airy. I live in Michigan but have relations in Hot Springs NC!
Great post and I had to follow!!!!! :)

Thank you! Yes MT Airy is also called Mayberry from the show, it is the birthplace of Andy Griffith and he went to school there, when he went to Hollywood he wrote about the town of MT Airy and called it Mayberry, my husband and I go there often there is much to do and its a beautiful town settled in the middle of the blue ridge mountains. I steemed a few posts about it and will probably do more lol I'm so happy to meet you I just looked at your page and I liked it alot so I'm following you! Tomorrow I'm starting a three part series of county living hope you see it and enjoy! You need to come visit! Anyone who loves the show goes crazy over this town, like me! I never tire of it!😜😜😊😊 I'm going to go look at your page now have a great night!

Q precioso todo esto!

Gracias amiga 🌷🌷❤️

Handsome guy

You know it!! 😉