Can you please explain why? All of the photos were taken in Korea and I said that in my post. I believe it is okay to use the KR tag as long as my posts are related to Korea?

oh ... i’m really sorry ㅠㅠ I tought it’s not korea but when i read again, i realized that pics are in korea. sooooooo sorry! i’ll tell the guide dog to cancle that ㅠㅠ really sorry again I apologize if you felt bad

It's okay, thank you for canceling it :) I was just annoyed because I have gotten in 4 times, but every time my post has been about Korea!

4 times??!! oh...I’m so sorry .. actually people can get the point if they call the guide dog.
We should've been more careful. but i’ll be carefull from now on. anyway i read your other post. they are so good! and the pictures are really cool.

It wasn't your fault don't worry! I think people just see English and instantly call the guide (without reading it). But there is lots of spam, so I can understand why people act this way :) Thank you! I'm trying my best. I had a look at your profile too! I'm trying to translate it haha.

haha can you understand korean???

Understanding writing is easy, and if there's a word I don't know I can translate it! Speaking and listening though.... I am very bad. Haha

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