Cell Phone Photography with Commentary (WARNING: One image of graphic mouse death)

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Yup I have a cell phone and I take pictures on it. Shocking, I know. See below for the photographic evidence.

Sunset at Heron Playground

sunset at heron playground.jpg

I like this picture compositionally, with the s-shaped wall creating nice movement toward the sun setting behind the tree, and the orange frisbee held by Yeti the dog serving as a secondary focus point. I also like that @dillemma and @thingtwo are hiding out in plain sight to the left :) The blue heart in chalk on the wall is a sweet subtle detail.

And I shall call him fluffy...

dead mouse.jpg

Fluffy the mouse has seen better days. I think Django the cat got the last word here. I have always been fascinated with the macabre to a certain extent, and something about the way Fluffy's hind legs are twisted really grabbed me.

Odd Fungus

odd fungus.jpg

Yup that is an odd fungus. No doubt about it. I didn't doctor the colors here or anything. It is just a crazy red shiny weird fungus.

The @thingone report

Thing One worms his way into a lot of my pictures. As a parent of course I think he is the most handsome thing around :) He gets his own dedicated section of this post.

Barrel of Thing

thing one.jpg

I would like a barrel of Thing, please. Excellent! I have just the Thing!

A Thing and his Giant Dog

thing one and giant yeti.jpg

Yeti the Dog is a decent sized dog, not what I would call "large" (she is around 65 - 70 pounds), but here I was hoping to make her look like a giant :)

A Thing and his T-Rex

trex and thingone.jpg

Something pleased me here about how the t-rex's tail curved perfectly with the curve of the slit in the play structure.

A Thing through the Window

thing one window.jpg

Playing down at the river underneath the bridge. Right after I took this picture I walked around to the other side to join back up with @thingone and found a couple of heroin needles :( Urgh.

Well that's it for Cell Phone Photography with Commentary. Thanks for playing!

All images taken by moi on a Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone


Ah man awesome photography.
You didn't mention the brand :P

Good point! Samsung Galaxy S8. I will add that info to the post now.

An interesting array of photography, great camera work and one unlucky mouse.

About 3 days ago our half Bengal, Cabie climbed up the house and jumped through the window as he usuallly does, however this time he had a mouse (we didn't notice this), however he was playing around, or that's what we thought.

That night we heard rustling assumed it was the wind, the next night we saw Fievel exploring, Cabie saw him at the same time darted off played cat and mouse for an hour then got bored.

We set our trap and waited, 2 days later, an encarcerated Fievel.

We let him go into the garden, one happy dodged death Fievel mouse.


wow that is pretty incredible that Fievel was still okay after all that! My cat does love to play with mice but is not so gentle. The play sessions don't last that long :(

It was certainly one robust mouse, especially after being hoiked up the side of the house in Cabie's mouth.

I am liking this tag, and the photos/commentary of course.

It's something everyone can get involved in :)

I know it was not you intention to shock but I was not ready for the mouse pic, rats are my heart animals and It broke my heart and made me cry, I know it was not such intention and my apologies for pointing it out but I would have thanked a warning, I understand life and death are part of nature, and also that predators have their instinct too but his posture and expression is haunting. I know I must be ready as this is Nature and sadly happens.

I know rat and mice, snif. Maybe he should just rest in piece.

Awww I am sorry I made you cry :( I have put a warning in the title now.

Aww thanks. Do not worry, As I said I understand It was not intended and I understand life and death are part of Nature but still it "haunted" me a little. Took me by surprise, but yes just in case. Maybe because I have had pet rats and love them so dearly. Back from Nature now. We always hike on weekends.

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Cell phone photography has leaped in quality the past decade. It's awesome to be able to capture moments like these on the go. Love the beauty and love in the pictures. RIP mouse.
Curation by @msp-active.

Poor mouse :( love the kid and dog shots :)

A family doing stuff outside is always a neat occasion. I treasure every such occasion myself :).

And the thing looks like an angel!!! Certainly take after the mother, eh? XD

Terrific photos. I agree with you on the composition of the first image – it is exceptional. “Thing One” has a cherubic face!