Silly Photos with Comedian Austin Leigh!

in #photography2 years ago

Oh Steemit, I'm SO excited to share these photos with you.

Austin and I met in a private Facebook group, and she reached out to me and said she had been wanting to shoot with me for a while now. I was flattered and asked if she'd come and do a test shoot for commercial headshots- a market that I haven't tapped yet, but is always needed here in LA. I definitely wanted to portray her bubbly personality, but I had NO idea how natural and hilarious she was in front of the camera!


I'm shocked that any photos even came out clear, because I was laughing so hard. She would think of random scenarios off the top of her head and act them out, stopping in the funniest poses so I could take a photo. I have such a soft, melty chocolatey center for women who are funny, so Austin has really stolen my heart. She brought a giant bag full of clothes, costumes, everything you can think of- and even scooped up my dog to model with her!


She was so cute and funny and I just truly love her. I have about 500 photos from the shoot that I'm HAPPILY going through, so I'll share more soon! xoxo


Very nice

Austin has excellent expressions you captured. My fav is the 1st...busted sneaking a beer!

HA! These are priceless! This must've been a blast to shoot. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of these.

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