Flashback Friday: Hormone Monstress Makeup!

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Happy Friday!

I’m so excited that this hectic week is finally coming to an end, and I’m looking forward to sitting down with a glass of wine later and editing!

I wanted to share with you a Makeup look I did a few months back for my friends over at Big Mouth- i worked on the production side of the show early last year, and I knew it was going to be a huge hit the second I read the first script.

The Hormone Monstress was immediately my favorite character. She’s voiced by the insanely talented Maya Rudolph (who is a DELIGHT to talk to in person), and the character oozes sass and attitude. If you haven’t watched the show on Netflix yet, maybe that’s what you should do this weekend! ;)

I made everything myself. I threw together the ears and horns quickly with tin foil, paper maché and a couple layers of liquid latex to get a natural texture. I sculpted the nose myself and covered it in liquid latex as well- liquid latex isn’t my favorite thing to make prosthetics out of, but it’s quick, cheap, and easy. I love all of those words.


I’m extremely anal about getting things as screen-accurate as possible, so I had to mix a lot of different body paints to get the perfect yellow and reddish-brown!

Here’s a photo from the show- let me know if you think I got it pretty close!

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AHhahah this is amazing! I loved the show, can't wait for another season! So happy @escapist introduced me to it.

Isn’t it great!!? Of all the shows I’ve worked on, this one is the one that I loved the most!! ❤️❤️

What did you exactly do on the show?

I worked in production as a coordinator for the second Season- I previously had worked on a family guy for 5 years, which is how I met and became friends with Big Mouth’s co-creator Andrew Goldberg!

That is so fucking cool! Family Guy is one of my favourite shows ever!

I love that my phone corrected it to "a family guy" like a grandmother would say hahahaha- yeah it was a lot of fun! It was such a cool group of people to work with and it's not a terrible day job to have! ;)

What?! That is freaking amazing!

Thank you love! It's definitely not a bad way to spend your days!!

HA! This is fantastic! You totally nailed it.

I absolutely LOVE this show. How awesome that you were a part of it! I cannot wait for the next season!

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