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Today photographer Peter Lindbergh (74), founder of the 'supermodel', died. The German fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh died at the age of 74. "He leaves a large void", is written on his Instagram acocunt. Lindbergh became world famous with his cover photo for fashion magazine Vogue in 1990.


I visited the huge exposition in The Kunsthal in Rotterdam. The expo was in januari 2017. I love black and white photography, and portraits so i have to say we have a click. These photos are made in the 5 halls where the photos hung. It was one off the best expo’s i saw the last years.


i even bought a book thats on the table. I am a fan !




Rest in dear peace and thank you for letting us see the world through your lens. And for introducing the super models to us.

As a momentum i bought a little black bag and a black book.


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you know that is highly appreciated thank you

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thats highly appreciated thank you

Indeed a great photographer has left us, RIP Peter Lindbergh. @brittandjosie great photo post about this exhibition from 2017, love the shots where you are investigating the shots on the wall.

I spent 4,5 hours in the Kunsthal watching all the photo art

That is something I can understand seeing just this little part of the exhibition. If the subject speaks to you time is such a relative thing then.

De Kunsthal has so many beautiful expos from great and Well known photographers

Extraordinary and informative! Love modern history, especially about creative contributions.

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This man Made so many Unique photo art pieces ! That was the birth off the super model era

Very fascinating looks like you Britt LOL!

Hihi Well i take that as a great compliment

So sad. God strengthen you

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Thank you that helps me for sure

Such a loss. He was a great photographer with great vision and a terrific eye.

His eye is like testino a very special arty one. And he had me cause off the black and white

Sorry for your loss, as he was considered important to you @brittandjosie...

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