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in #photography4 years ago (edited)

Maybe just a little cutting... I don‘t know...
A little closer...

That would give more colour... ?

Getting an angle on that one is really hard. It would be nice, all the pillars wouldn‘t have a gap in between. Maybe it would work with standing a little more to the left... but then maybe you would have more gaps... but do you know, what I mean?

You would have to leave out the pillar in front. But then colours would be missing... that‘s really a hard one. Sometimes things are so beautiful and it’s so hard to capture them on camera.

The pillars just have to be more broad!!
You should tell them to build this house new!


I tried to take the photo from a position more to the left of those pillars but as you said the gap between them was too big and the leading lines didn't have that strong effect. I guess I took up to 10 different shots and considered this one to be the best but yet not what I've seen with my own eyes ;)

Yes, that‘s such a strange effect! Sometimes I take photos and think... „this is a weak motive“ and then it turns out as a great photo. And then you want to capture, what you see with your eyes and it failes... is that some kind of psychological effect... is it more like „we see something that isn‘t there the way we see it“?? Are our eyes telling the truth or the photo???

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