Wednesdaywalk: Walking in St. Petersburg. Neva Embankment and Admiralty

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This is my entry for the @tattoodjay's Wednesday walk challenge.

Today I continue my photo walks in St. Petersburg.


Last time I ended my story on the fact that I walked past the Hermitage, where there were a lot of tourists. But I did not plan to get to the Hermitage this time.

I went past. Ahead was the intersection of Palace Embankment and Palace Passage, which leads to the Palace Bridge.


I’ll tell you about Palace Bridge another time. And this time I crossed the road to find myself on the granite embankment of the Neva River. To the left in the distance, the Peter and Paul Fortress was again visible.


And on the right near the embankment was a river pier, from which you can go on excursions along the canals of St. Petersburg, walks along the Neva River. and also go to Peterhof, where the richest summer palace of the Russian emperors is located.


On the opposite side, behind the Palace Bridge, is the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. There you can see the white building of the City Exchange and the famous Rostral Columns.


Having looked around on the embankment, I set off in the opposite direction. Another significant architectural object on my way was the building of the Main Admiralty. This complex of buildings has a long and rich history. At first there was a shipyard around which the fortress was located. Then the buildings were rebuilt and their purpose changed. Since 2012, this complex of buildings houses the High Command of the Russian Navy.


The gilded spire of the Admiralty tower is one of the dominants of St. Petersburg. By the way, the boat, located on a gilded spire, is one of the symbols of St. Petersburg.


The building is richly decorated with sculpture. Here, for example, is a close-up shot of an arch located in the tower of the Admiralty. All sculptures are related to the marine theme, which serves the purpose of confirming the image of the Russian Empire as a sea power.


Passing by the Admiralty, I went into the Alexander Garden, in the center of which is a large fountain.


ПNevsky Prospect can be seen at the back of the fountain. My walk began there and from there I came.


Maybe you remember this photo?


Looking again at the Admiralty tower, I headed towards the subway to finish my walk.


The last thing that caught my eye was the building of St. Isaac's Cathedral, towering over the city. I thought that I definitely should visit St. Isaac's Cathedral during the next walk.


And I really visited him. But I’ll talk about this in one of the following photo walks.

In the meantime, tired, I went to the subway.

See you on Wednesday!

Since there were breaks in the publication of this story, I decided to make links to all posts from this story at the end of the post.

You can read all this story in my posts. Just click on the links above the pictures:

I'm sure you will like it!

Anichkov bridge

Nevsky avenue (Nevskii prospect)

Nevsky avenue (Nevskii prospect) - Part 2

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Triumphal arch and the General Staff Building

Palace Square and the Hermitage

Winter Canal, Palace Embankment and Peter and Paul Fortress

Nikon D5000 + Sigma AF 17-50

I strongly recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.


You always have such beautiful pictures! You really have THE eye :)

Looks beautiful :)

So much history and tings of interest on your walk

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

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what a beautiful place

Спасибо за пост о Питере. Колоритный всё-таки город! 🙂

Подробнее о Ru Trail.
Сообщите, если не желаете получать от нас комментарии.

It is really good one

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