Wednesdaywalk: Photowalk on New Year's St. Petersburg

This is my entry for the @tattoodjay's Wednesday walk challenge.

Today I continue my story about a walk in New Year's Eve St. Petersburg.


Last time, I ended up on how I went to Nevsky Prospect from the monument to Empress Catherine II.


I walked past the National Library.


Then I went along Nevsky Prospect towards Gostiny Dvor.


Gostiny Dvor had a lot of people. Street musicians played here. People listened with pleasure and supported them.


The building of the Gostiny Dvor and the tower of the City Duma building visible in the distance were brightly decorated, as was the entire Nevsky Prospect.


I walked a little in the same direction.


And then I set off in the opposite direction.


All the buildings on Nevsky Prospect shone brightly, but each of them is different.


Returning to the building of the House of Merchants Eliseev, from whom I finished my last story, I continued my walk.


But I’ll talk about this next time.

See you next Wednesday!

Huawei P20 Pro

I strongly recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.

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Such a beautiful evening walk what a delightful area, I have never visited there but feel I have through your posts

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

Thank you too. It's really a beautiful place unless we didn’t have a snow at all this winter

Most welcome and we to have had hardly any snow so far

За ваш пост проголосовал кураторский проект Ru Trail.
Спасибо за публикацию качественного контента о России.

p.s. Сообщите, если не желаете получать от нас комментарии.