Me speaking elegantly is an amusing idea 😝 thanks though it’s appreciated, I see myself as more gruff 🤔

It was a beautiful day today, only seen a few small clouds floating by on lunch. Still chilly around here but that sun made all the difference for me!

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Found some clouds, hope you like them. Happy New Year!


Love it! Thank You👍

That’s pretty awesome I hope you don’t mind that I save it and use it? I will most definitely give you credits 💪

Curious how did you put that together? Still learning how to make gifs and all on mobile, taking Live Photo’s and making a little movie then exporting as a gif... it works but I have yet to figure out the cool text effects 😅

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Hi, is your to keep, friend.

I used Adobe After Effects, then video to gif at (ezgif dot com).

Awesome thank you 💪 been meaning to try play with the adobe software just haven’t gotten to it yet 😅

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