Breathtaking GoPro kayak photography of Norway’s fjords by Tomasz Furmanek

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Tomasz Furmanek elegantly captures the changing moods of Norway with a GoPro and Kayak

Adventure photographer Tomasz Furmanek documents some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, all from the seat of his kayak. For the past three years the 41-year-old photographer has been capturing images of the remarkable fjords and waterways running throughout Norway, from the spectacular Lofoten Islands to the serene Sotra.

Originally from Poland, he moved to Norway at the age of 6 and ever since he has been understandably captivated by the country’s awesome natural beauty. Based in Bergen, the photographer typically takes short trips after work to the fjords, close to his home, and ventures on longer kayak expeditions during the weekends. He uses a helmet-mounted Gopro and a small Sony compact camera on the front of his kayak to take these breathtaking landscapes. GoPro even used one his great photos in a promo-piece.

Furmanek plans to carry on kayaking in other countries after he has finished exploring Norway, and will hopefully continue to share his awe-inspiring POV photography.

Check out the full gallery:

Check out more of Furmanek's stunning photography by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re looking for more Norway adventure check out this fantastic time-lapse film.

This gallery is also available on my website at:

All photos courtesy of Tomasz Furmanek


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Wow! Beautiful shots. 🤗💙
Upvoted and resteemed
Thanks @benadapt for sharing this post


Thanks for your support @technologix. Glad you liked the post. 🏄🤙


You're welcome

Spectacular shots, I love the kayak at the front of each shot, I have taken similar shots, but with my handlebars of my bike in the shot, but no where near as great as this! Fantastic work, nothing better than adventuring!


Thanks @theexplorer. Thanks also for the follow. 👍

Followed back

Amazing very beautiful.

Heart Touching Pictures. Awesome. So beautiful. Professional Photography.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for your comment @asifhb76.

For sure, Furmanek is a really talented photographer. The concept behind this series is really simple, but it turns out to be really effective. I'm super grateful to him for letting me share this gallery on my blog.


You always most welcome. You are really lucky person Furmanek share with your blog. Good job.

wow ... its like where ever you found water you dropped your kayak and went to explore the nature ...

great shots ...

loved watching all the photographs ...

Amazing photography. Norway is calling me.😆
I really loved your your . These are looking like wallpapers.
Are you a professional photographer??


For sure, Norway is a beautiful place. I recently featured it in my Best places in Europe for Adventure post.

So these photos were actually taken by Tomasz Furmanek. He kindly gave me permission to share this gallery on my blog.

As i always say .. Nature is not created by God but Nature is God ...





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...pining for the fjords.

wow these photos are truly amazing.
What a stunning place

wow amazing photography. some of the best images I´ve seen here on steemit in a while. The one with the cruise ship in front is insane!! 👏

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JUST WOW! This is such an amazing collection of photos. I've always been a big fan of GoPro photography and these are some of the best photos I've seen. Everything from composition, to colors, to editing. Can't wait to see more!

Wow, Amazing :)

Excellent photos . I like these photos from Norway. It is very adventurous thing to take such photos on a kayak. But Is it safe to take photos on a kayak?


So these photos were taken using a GoPro, which you can attach to your head or body to make things easier and keep your hands free.