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سلام سلام به همه ي دوستان عزيز، حال شما؟
احوال شما؟
خب همونطور كه از عكس پيداست عروس و داماد
داريم ما.......
عكس گوياي همه چيز است اما از اونجايي كه من دوست دارم قصه بگم ... بايد بگم ديگه و شما هم اين توفيق اجباري نصيبتون ميشه....! 🤣😋😁
جونم براتون بگه كه بعله خواهر جان ِ گل و گلاب من هم رفت قاطي مرغا.( كه اگه پست هاي قبلي رو دنبال كرده باشين، اگر هم نكردين همين الان زود تند سريع برگردين پست معرفي رو بخونين 😡😡، متوجه شدين يا خواهيد شد كه اين خواهرِ عروس بنده در واقع صميمي ترين و قديمي ترين دوست و رفيق منه و جاي خواهر نداشته ام و به قول قديميا .خونه يكي هستييم
حس غريبي داشتم خوشحالي و ناراحتي همزمان باهم!
حسي كه تا به حال تجربه اش نكرده بودم....
از يه طرف خوشحال كه عروس شده و همراه و همپاي خودش رو پيدا كرده و از طرف ديگه ناراحت ، به قول شاعر من مانده ام تنهاي تنها...... 🤣😔
ولي حس خوشحالي اونقدر زياده كه ناراحتي گم ميشه توش....
دوست داشتم اين حس خوشحالي رو با شما هم به اشتراك بگذارم.....


According to royal wedding ( meghan markle and prince harry ) i would like to share with you the photos of an engagement of my best friend, that’s like a sister to me and my feeling when i saw her in engagement dress.
Well, as you see in the photo, we have bride and groom. 🤵🏻👰🏻
Let’s start the story..... 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
If you have read the previous posts, You've noticed that I do not have a sister, But I have an old friendship.
For me it's look like a sister that I never had and now I have a sister. 😋🙂
Our friendship is back to 17 years ago, When we were ten years old.
In her engagement, I had a strange feeling. 🌸🌸🌸🌸
Happiness and discomfort at the same time. The feeling that I haven’t experienced before.
On the other hand I was happy for my best friend, who found her partner and on the other hand I was upset and in the words of a Persian poet I remain alone ( it is a slang ) 😋😋😋😋 But I was so glad that I did not think about anything else.
Now I would like to share my happiness with you ..... 🙂🙂🙂🙂
In our Iranian culture, in matrimony, the groom’s family give some gifts to the bride's family, like cloths, sugar-loaf, wedding ring, Quran ( the holy book of Islam) and flower .......

Let’s see the photos.













Walikum asalm @beautypics
I Iike wedding celebration very much,
Keep post such a celebration moments.


Congratulations for wedding .

Wedding a part of life.It makes not only the relation between husband and wife but also make a bonding of two family. A memorable day for every person. Thanks for sharing such kind of beautiful experience with all. @ beautypics

congratulation, I wish that they happy, healthy and successful forever.

thank u my friend

Beautiful decoration! :)

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