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Hey dear friends!
I would like share my individual experience with you.
I have been using this cosmetics and hygienic brand for about five years.
The name of this brand is Elizabeth Arden, which you probably heard about it. At frist i introduce some of make up tools and creamide that i used And I'm satisfied with them.


Here is the Elizabeth Arden fall color pallete.The Elizabeth Arden Fall Color Palette is an indispensable collection of makeup and skincare products to take you through the season. Containing everything you’ll need to highlight, colour, contour and cleanse, the kit provides an instant update to your beauty routine.
I bought this pallet in a special offer with two creams, day and night cream.
It costs £ 70 But if you buy day and night cream or any other cream, you can have this Delux Pallete with £ 30.
Now let's take a look inside together.


Delux compact contains:
10 Elizabeth Arden eye shadows
In Pink Satin, Grapevine, Rose Spritz, spotlight, Full Moon, Rose', Black sand, Sparkling sable, Gold Rush, Khaki.
(8g total)
" These ten highly pigmented eyeshadows bring intense colour payoff and effortless application. Blendable and shimmery, the powder shadows cover a range of classic, rich hues and can be worn individually for subtle washes of colour or together for a striking, party-ready look.

Blush in ‘Romantic Rose’ (2.4g)
This lightweight, iridescent blusher allows you to sculpt and contour your cheeks to achieve an airbrushed, professional-look finish. The warm peach-pink colour suits any skin tone and provides an instant natural glow.

Highlighter (2.4g)
An opalescent, light-diffusing highlighter that illuminates the complexion and glides on effortlessly. The weightless formula feels ultra-comfortable on skin and can be worn alone for a natural glow or as part of a beauty routine for a flawless finish.

Mini Lasting Impression Mascara in ‘Black’ (2.5ml)
Make a statement with the mini version of this bestselling mascara. Clinically proven to create longer-looking lashes, the high-performance formula boasts a unique brush with five iconic spheres to capture and coat even the tiniest lashes for maximum extension and a full, fanned out finish. Enriched with Ceramides and Avocado Oil, it intensively conditions and strengthens for thicker, healthier looking lashes free from clumps or flakes. Lashes appear lifted and defined, bound to make a lasting impression.


3 x Mini Lip Gloss in ‘Dulce’, ‘Passion Fruit’ and ‘Precious Petal’ (3 x 4ml)
Enhance your lips with a lustrous shine thanks to these three mini glosses. Enriched with Maxi-Lip which supports collagen production for fuller looking lips, as well as Mango and Shea Butters to condition and lock in moisture, your lips will be left looking and feeling soft and supple. The soft, paddle applicator deposits the perfect amount of gloss, whilst the built-in mirror makes it easy to apply on-the-go.

3 x Lipstick in ‘Rose Petal’, ‘Mango Cream’ and ‘Nude’ (3 x 3.5g)
These three lipsticks all boast the same creamy, rich formula and intense colour payoff. The lipsticks contain moisturising ingredients to nourish lips and ensure high-shine, long-lasting colour.

Eye Pencil in ‘Java’ (1.1g)
This classic shade comes in the form of a long-wear cream pencil whose tip is fine enough to craft precise, buildable lines. The eyeliner can be used for a natural touch of colour or to create bolder, more striking looks.


All Gone Makeup Remover (30ml)
This gentle cleanser effortlessly removes makeup and impurities to leave behind skin which is refreshed and healthy-looking.

3 x M

akeup Brushes
This set of three makeup brushes is all you need to perfectly sculpt, shape and blend your favourite products. The ultra-soft hairs ensure a smooth, even application and a flawless finish."


Here is moisturizing Eye cream.
This hydrating eye cream diminishes the appearance of dark circles. Eyes look smooth and refreshed.
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturising Eye Cream protects delicate skin around the eyes from dryness. Cosmetics, airborne toxins and other matter can damage skin over time. Make-up removers either leave skin so dry that it becomes flaky, or there is a heavy residue that can clog pores. This cream contains vitamin E extract and can help skin retain its moisture balance and retain a more youthful appearance. Regular use can also diminish the look of fine lines, puffiness, and circles under the eyes. In many cases, results can be seen in as little as 14 days.
Use a small amount daily after washing your face for best results.



A moisture treatment for face, neck to quickly infuse skin with creamides for a youth-restoring boost. Intensive hydration throughout the day leaves skin feeling sofrer and firmer. Helps restore radiance for a more youthful looking complexion.



" Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift & Firm Night Cream has a time-release formula that restores your skin’s natural protective barrier. It contains New Cellular Plumping Technology and advanced ingredient aqualance.

Providing intense hydration with anti-ageing benefits to restore and soften your skin, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Night Repair Moisture Cream does it all. This targeted time-release formula provides hours of continuous hydration to those areas most in need of moisture whilst the powerful ceramide ingredients and anti-oxidants, including vitamin C and E help your skin to repair the effects of daytime damage.

Massage cream onto your cleansed face and neck area each night."
Makes your skin happy
Probably the world's best nightcream for mature dry skin. My skin wakes up happy every morning thanks to this cream.
This Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Night Repair Moisture Cream is perfect. Just remove daily make-up and apply fairly generously, although if your skin is in good condition it need not be generous. After application your face feels soft and relaxed - as stated the time-release factor lasts all night.


I also use other make-up brand that I will certainly introduce in future posts.

" The be beautiful is the birthright of every woman."
Elizabeth arden

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Makeup is an art and passion as well. It enhance women's beauty.


With or without makeup, women are beautiful, even without hiding those small blemishes, which make them unique. each imperfection and sciatriz tell their stories and increase their mystery and beauty. I invite you to see my photos gallery @marianocastro


Indeed! Every Womans are queen and makeups are her crown


very nice comment my friend


yes of course dear friend


yes exactly dear

Looks like you are advertising SK II!


no just sharing my experiences with my friend

I have found better prices on beauty products by shopping around. I have used amazon, overstock, and even walmart online. It pays to do a quick search to make sure you are getting the best prices. I live in the US so I'm not sure how much this works in other countries.

Cosmetic always unhygienic....


thank u my dear friend❤

Thanks for yur good posts!
I followed you, you can follow me to if you desire!

I love this post I invite

That's beautiful Madam!! I'm sure my auntie would love this make up. I hope I can buy the whole set for her but it seems it's not available here in asia. And sad to say here they try to fake products and sell it from make ups , beauty products, accesories , clothing. Good thing you got your discount.I think the price is just enough for the quality. Maybe you can do a make up review next time hehe.



This is good products@beautypics

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Congratulation for you post, I love this products.


thanks dear

I see that you try out various products. It would be nice if you checked out my page, I have a picture that shows some products and a link to my page. There are very good products and we have many satisfied customers.
Best Regards Stian

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Aren't they expensive? Would love to try them though.


it depend on you but for me the price is suitable

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Wow so many products and really helpful review for each one. Thanks!


your welcome dear

valuable post. Nice.



My girlfriend - she's crazy about Cosmetic. I'll show her your post Lolll

Elizabeth Arden is my wife's favorite brand.



how much it costs?



Hello dear, indeed... I used Elizabeth Arden, great products! Every woman should try at least one time in their life!


thanks dear

So glad I found your blog/post! Following :). I love how you have tested the product and provide information on it. I will definitely be looking into this product.

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Very nice

Magnifico trabajo, me gusto mucho el post. Gracias por compartir.

Life for health. Very Good ideas cosmetic hygienic @beautypics

I love makeup so much <3 Tks for sharing

Beautiful article.
Elizabeth Arden is famous worldwide cosmetic brand.
From early days in the past century till today, they focus on
quality and innovation.
Not many companies succeeded to stay on the top of a niche
during more than 100 years.

Elizabeth Arden is the best. Thanks for sharing. Make up is very good

Thank you for your detailed review of these products, I haven't tried them yet, but sure it looks like a good stuff :)


Your welcome dear friend❤️

I am never use make up before.. Because I don't know anything about it... Emmm.. I think I can use something in your post..
You are very kind, you make great post to help me.. Thank you.. God bless you, 😊😊😊


your welcome my friend💕

Although Korea knows Elizabeth Arden,
It's not that famous.
But the fragrance is too good
I saw the cosmetics story well.



My daughter is in beauty school. I had no idea how expensive makeup is. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Joy


Your welcome dear


Great work! My girlfriend will love this!



its very good and professional brand
i will buy some of them for my girlfriend :)


good job😉

So glad I found your blog/post! Following :). I love how you have tested the product and provide information on it. I will definitely be looking into this product.

This is a lovely write-up.I appreciate you for sharing this with people and thereby indirectly improving women's beauty.

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