Vintage market in second hands shops [ENG-FR]

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Follow me today through second hand shops in my city,Suivez-moi aujourd'hui pour le jour du marché à travers des boutiques de seconde main de ma ville,
thanks to these photos of my archives from 2016 which will make you travel again through a time not so distant but still retro enough to have the charm of vintage 😉grâce à ces photos mes archives datant de 2016 qui vous feront voyager à nouveau à travers une époque pas si éloignée mais tout de même suffisamment rétro pour possèder le charme du vintage 😉



I really like to hunt around in these kind of storesJ'aime beaucoup chiner dans ce genre de magasins
... not to buy things, I'm not a collector, but to photograph them...pas pour acheter des choses, je ne suis pas une collectionneuse, mais pour photographier



and the items that I can find in small vintage stores have exactly the charm that I can then enhance with my photo processing ... 😉et les articles que je peux trouver dans les petites boutiques vintages ont exactement le charme que je pourrai ensuite rehausser avec mon traitement de la photo...😉


coming across something like this is a fabulous opportunity for me ... look at this ski lift cabin :tomber sur quelque chose de ce genre est une fabuleuse opportunité pour moi ...regardez cette cabine de remontées mécaniques :



and these rotary phones, as well as these old Caroline albums ...?et ces téléphones à cadran, ainsi que ces vieux albums de Caroline..😉 ?



All these objects with old-fashioned charm that are likely to evoke a memory in each of us,Tous ces objets au charme désuet qui sont susceptibles d'évoquer un souvenir chez chacun d'entre nous,
and to bring back nostalgic thoughts from a bygone era that we lived well, without realizing that it would one day end ...😉et de ramener de nostalgiques pensées d'une époque révolue et que l'on a bien vécue, sans se rendre compte qu'elle allait un jour se terminer...😉





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I love such vintage markets, usually they are crowded and sometimes because of that you can't really view properly the items, I like that chair with implemented board for writing and those balls that you can use to learn counting. When my son was little I was looking for something like that but unfortunate had very simple white board for markets. While searching around I always dream to find something unique and rare, but my husband does not like to lose his time there so never was really satisfied :)

Best thing to do is to go alone 😉 😁 Well, this is what I do when I feel I want absolute freedom to take any amount of time desired or needed for such a walk, and as I know that my man, even if he quite enjoys that we go together, I know that I will go faster on things so that the walk keeps being pleasant for's me restraining myself, not him, so he knows that I enjoy also going alone 😉

What a delightful post!! My favorite was the ski lift cabin! What a quaint little sitting area! I could see having a cup of tea in there or even a little snack. I am always amazed at these stores, how they dream up these things! But that is just right up your alley! You pull together the most amazing things and the look as if they belong together, It is a knack that you artists have.

The bike you have out front is such a sweet set of wheels! Love the bell and the knapsack that can hold all your things! Those old phones are just classics and your editing is, as always superb! Thank you so much for being a part of the challenge! You are always such a welcome addition!

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