cherry picking 🍒 [ENG-FR]

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Yesterday we went to pick cherries in my neighbor's gardenHier, nous sommes allés cueillir des cerises dans le jardin de ma voisine
this year the cherries are very numerous and small, so it's not a fabulous year but it's still a great chance to be able to benefit from these spring fruits 🍒cette année les cerises sont très nombreuses et petites, donc ce n'est pas une année fabuleuse mais c'est quand même une grande chance de pouvoir bénéficier de ces fruits de printemps 🍒




with ladders and stepladders, we all filled our little bucketavec échelles et escabeaux, nous avons tous remplis notre petit seau
each one has his technique, here my youngest son, well wedged in the tree ...chacun a sa technique, ici mon plus jeune fils, bien calé dans l'arbre...




here my man on the big ladder, the bucket hanging on a branchici mon homme sur sa grande échelle, le seau suspendu à une branche
I think he ate a cherry on two ... 😁je crois bien qu'il en mangeait une sur deux ... 😁




that's part of my picking, very neat, without the leaves 😁ça c'est une partie de ma cueillette, bien nette, sans les feuilles 😁
intended to be eaten in the evening without further delaydestinée à être mangée dans la soirée sans plus attendre


The cherries still lack a little sun but at the same time they are already rotting a lot on the treeLes cerises manquent encore un peu de soleil mais en même temps elles pourrissent déjà beaucoup sur l'arbre
so you have to make the decision to pick them before they are more damaged, but in any case there are so many that they will especially make the joy of tits and blackbirds ... 😊alors il faut prendre la décision d'en cueillir avant qu'elles ne s'abiment davantage, mais de toute façon il y en a tellement qu'elles vont surtout faire la joie des merles et des mésanges... 😊



I also took the opportunity to photograph the currants that are starting to grow nicely...J'en ai profité pour photographier les groseilles qui commencent à pousser...



I wish you a wonderful afternoon !


I can't believe that you are picking up cherries, for me due to corona summer has not started yet, but of course looking at calendar it is already time for cherries. You have grown up son and he is a great help. The cherries looking so delicious I love them and as children we also did the same climbed the tree and ate there. You are lucky having some fruit trees. Thank you for such beautiful pictures of nice day in garden :)

These are the trees of my neighbour who offer us each year to pick the cherries as they are A LOT and too much for her alone , and yes we are very lucky of that indeed...
My son is the youngest and will be 19 y.o in a few months, my two others are 23 (my daughter) and 25 (my elder son) ... I'm a happy mum for sure

thankyou.png and have a wonderful sunday @stef1

Wow, be careful! Great pictures - I haven't eaten cherries since I moved to Colombia over 7 years ago. We seem to have every fruit you can imagine - except cherries!

I simply love cherries

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