The swimming Creature! TRAVELERS JOURNAL EP#068 w/ @bambam808 & @brandybb !!

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Picture yourself deep in the Tillamook forest! Thats right, TIllamook like the cheese, yogurt etc brand that you may see in stores near YOU!
Now.... Open your eyes. Boom! The Tillamook River. A beautiful location for any summer day-
We have been down here many times with our lovable PLUTO! He loves getting his feet wet, but has yet to take a real "swim".
We are warming him up to it by slowly introduicng him to the river and water, and throwing sticks in there so he can learn. (I am always in the water as well so he cant get swept away!)
Enjoy this episode of the Travelers Journal! Thanks for tuning in!
We tend to go here more and more often as the weather is beginning to change and give us that much needed sunlight that we all know and love! This is a local "day-use" area where we tend to go and enjoy a good bbq with good family friends, and of course PLUTO!
Travelers Tips
1.Adventure at all times!
2.Work hard, but also PLAY HARD!
Until next time Travelers...
Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Travelers Journal with @bambam808 and @brandybb !
Please give @steemitoutdoors a follow as there are big things coming soon! <3 take care!

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It is nice place of relaxation and place to go for vacation.. I wish i can go there.. Nice posting @bambam