Vegan Egg Paste Without Eggs! How Cool Is That!? 🤩🥚🌱

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Have you ever heard about egg taste without eggs? This is possible! Hahaha, vegans always find ways to prepare something surprising. 😁 I also always go back to my childhood for inspirations and one of my memory is my mom's paste, which is made out of eggs. It was really tasty, especially with fresh chives. So I decided to recreate it in my plant-based way! Egg paste without eggs, hahah! 😄 And I did it! And everything thanks to black salt called Kala namak.This salt contains sodium chloride which gives an egg taste. So vegans gladly reach out for it (okay, maybe not only vegans). Thanks to that you can prepare whatever you want, with egg taste.😃

One time I made an omlet with it, and I can say that it was really tasty. Soon I'll share with you the recipe for it! So better stay tuned. 🤩 I made this paste from tofu, some spices, and also I added a bit of turmeric for yellow color. How cool it looks!? Paste combined with fresh, home-made bread!😋 By the way, I really had a problem to choose photos, so I put most of them. These photos look really beautiful for me and I wanted to share them with you. 😊

For preparing you will need:

  • 180g of tofu
  • three tbsp of oil (or more if you wish, I used rapeseed oil)
  • 1/2 tsp of turmeric
  • approx. one tsp of black salt
  • a bit of lemon juice
  • pepper to taste
  • one tbsp of good quality dijon mustard (optional)
  • fresh chive, or dill (how you like)
  • I also used fresh cress on top 😋


  • into blender place 2/3 chopped tofu (the rest leave for later)
  • add all spices, lemon juice, oil and blend till the mass will be really smooth
  • into mass add chopped chive
  • crush the rest of tofu in hands, so when you'll combine it with the mass, it'll look like the whites from egg!😵

You can combine it with fresh bread, like me, or buns or bagles. For sure I'll do it for easter breakfast, for my whole family! I bet they'll be suprised. The taste was sooo amazing! Can't wait to try it again! If you want to try it, DON'T WAIT AND GO TO THE KITCHEN (if you don't have ingredients, first go to the shop 😆! )Let me know in comment, how do you like it! Any feedback is welcome! And it gives me motivation to do more 😉
Wish you all beautiful and sunny day! Love you all! 💕


That looks like a great vegan recipe, not too challenging either. Thanks!

Thank you! Yeah, it's one of the best recipes!

Simple and easy! Whatever they can eat, we can make vegan.

Thats right! #vegansdoitbetter 😆

and YOU get a full upvote!

Oh wow! Thank you so much! <3

Hi dear! Wow! It’s The first time I hear about it! Really nice content and amazing photography.

Hey @creativewoman!Nice to see you on my board! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Glad to hear that you like it! 😊

Now...this is very interesting:) when I looked at your crocheted tablecloth...I thought...I recognize this!! :) has to be Polish lol - I was right!! Nice meeting you :)

Hahaha! Nice to meet you Jola! Funny, tho? 😄 Hope you enjoyed these photos! 😄

Yes...indeed :) Nice to mee to too, Babett :)

This looks great, I have to bookmark it! Thanks!

No problem! Happy that you like the recipe! 🤗

I am going to make this right now........soooooo delicious 🌸💖🌸

Cool! Thank you Lena!😘 🌸

wow! Pierwszy raz słyszę. Wiesz czy to ma jakąś polską nazwę, czy po prostu kala namak?

Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, poprostu - czarna sól. Ale jeśli powiesz "kala namak", to każdy wie (no może prawie każdy) o co chodzi 😄

Wow, it looks so tasty! I have never tried black salt before but I am reading about it everywhere. I'll get some and try this out.

Your photos are stunning by the way!

Honestly even my family that doesn't eat plant-based was stunned of the taste and they can be very choosy if it comes to vegan food. Hope you will enjoy it!

And the photos... Well with such an amazing taste the photos make themselves look awesome haha 😜

Wow...I'm also preparing !

Glad to hear! It's delicious ❤️ Good luck and enjoooy 😊

Nice! I keep meaning to try the kala namak, as well, but haven't gotten around to getting any! I bet this would be great on scooped out potatoes like a deviled egg! And your photos are great, so I can see why it would be hard to pick which ones to share. :)

You definitely should try it, I didn't thought it would taste so much as egg. A lot vegan dishes i prepare mostly "just remind" with taste of something i ate as a kid and it's hard to get exactly that specific flavour but the salty really stands out in vegan spices 🤤

Black salt is just the bomb! I use it when making a lasagne too it gives an egg pasta flavour to the dish. The spread looks just like egg mayo too! I would have eaten my fair share of them so I'll be sure to try this too.

It definitely is!! 💣💣💣

Oh yum, I love kala namak salt - especially on avocado toast! ♥ Your food photos look gorgeous!!!

Thank youu ❤️ I think that salt will stay in my shelf for quite some time now 😋

Hehe enjoy! ♥

It looks very tempting. A great alternative to eggs.

Yeach I'm stunned of the taste it really does reminds the egg flavour and taste! 😋

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Thank you so much dear Joanna! So glad that you included me in your project! :)

Your creations are always among my favourite on Steemit, so I'm more than happy to share them!

I'm so happy to hear that! I'm doing my best hihi 🤗

oh my gosh ! This is something to try urgently ! ^_^

Hihihi! Yeah, it's worth to try it! It's not the exactly same taste as eggs obviously, but really similar and also so delicious! Yum yum, thanks for comment! :)