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RE: গ্রামের পুকুর পাড়ে

in #photography3 years ago

bah khub sundor drisso .. sobuj ghaser moddhe apnake onek sundor lagche ..gramer pukur er pase chobi gulo valoi hoi osadharon lage .. panite gach palar reflection onek sundor fute utheche.. pichone palm gach ar bablagach besh valo lagche ..dubla gacher upor hatahati khub valo lage ..


thank you for your good comment .. asole sobuj rong ta sobari kom beshi valo lage . bishes kore ghas ba sobuj gacher chobi gulo onek sundor hoi.. ar panite refaction gulo onek sundor hoi .jokhon panite gach kingba sobkichu ulta dekha jai setao besh valo lage ..asole valo drisso thakle chobi sundor hobe etai kotha..

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