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Quite a major announcement. As from now together with announcement of the winner will try to give some brief comments/critics to every winning photo in order to bring some more value to the post itself. Lets hope this gonna help to understand some basics of photography, as well pointing tips and tricks while shooting. So here we go...


Well, without any doubt this photo just hit the top. Paul is too much professional and it is very hard to compete with him (but still possible :) Perfect panoramic view of Singapore shot on a a blue hour with a long exposure freezing the water to get some decent reflection and a mirror centered composition. Quite a handful of Singapore highlights like famous hotel and wonder wheel. Guess it would be very interesting to look around this frame in a large printed format for all the smaller details . Very well done and surely well deserved!


Colorful sunset over Nanchang, China. Deep and warm sunset colors definitely attracts the viewer. That's something inside the human psychology :) Pretty compressed perspective give us interesting view over the city catching many details: skyscrapers, and massive of lower buildings. Love this period of time when it is still not totally dark, but city starts to switch on electricity... Very special combination


In the contrary to previous two, finally we have perfectly sunny day at Italy. But still with some interesting cloud formations, which actually always important to bring some additional interest and maybe unusual composition lines. The curved line of the coastline easily brings our attention to the brighter white city buildings. Perfect combination with a blue sky and more green color of the water. Would like to be there now actually....



Night view of Antwerp. Now is completely dark in city lights looks a bit different. Very nice leading line (also well compressed from both sides by the walls) brings us to the entrance of this church. Nice to see the city is alive with all those details and people having good time at street bars and cafeterias


Very recognizable mood of special color toning by Orjant. Quite a top view brings very different perspective and unique feeling of Singapore (again, but how different those photos are....). Well, it is not actually main Singapore, but next city to it - Johor Bharu. And we could see it is not so rich with mostly 1 stairs building all around. Good composition with few points of interest and many small details as well


And the last one. And again quite different approach from previous cityscapes. Now is a daytime compressed view of city buildings of Bangkok. Many and all are different and with different colors even, like a mosaic, which is very interesting to look into for all those details and geometrical lines. And a small cloud just looking out of higher building (and is pretty shy it seems) brings some contrast to overall strict geometrical lines

That's all for today and lets move to the next WEEK #033

"For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home"
/Simon Van Booy/

Here we go with another WEEKLY contest

The theme is CITYSCAPE and obviously all photos related to city views or city life are very welcome

1The contest is open for entire STEEMIT community
2Any digital resource allowed: DSLRs, System cameras, Smartphones, Scanners??? :)
4Entries must be original work - NO PLAGIARISM
5The entry photo must be in COMMENTS to this thread as well with the link to initial post
6Short description is warmly welcome
7You may submit ONE(1) entry per week
8All entries must be submitted by the Monday following this post (24.00Hrs CET)

All entries will be judged on basis of visual impact/creativity and quality/techniques. This is PHOTOGRAPHY contest, don't forget :)
So go outside and be creative.

1st place - 1SBI + 75 PHOTOS
2nd place - 1SBI + 50 PHOTOS
3rd place - 1SBI + 25 PHOTOS

Honorable mentions

Calling all previous winners further to participate and make contest more popular and visible:
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Wow.... Paul did an amazing job. Wonderful entries from all, but his was great.
Thanks for presenting this on #pypt @pypt

yeah beautiful shot there axeman, the entries of each steemians is very eye catchy. Maybe kind of camera they used was like real camera, not just a phone.

thanks for sharing at #pypt discord

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Thanks a lot! Appreciate your support

Thank you for honorable mentioned man.

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Thanks a lot for the mention, appreciate it!
Here, have a !BEER for all your hard work 😉🍺

Command accepted!

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Hey @axeman, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Well, I'll give it a go as well. This shot is taken from on top of the quarry mountain, towards the city Tallinn in Estonia. This panorama is stitched together of 3 separate pics.


Hi, this is my entry for this week!
It is a photo of Bucarest.

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Taken during the Singapore F1 Grand Prix overlooking the starting grid of the marina circuit. Taken with just a phone so hopefully, the lower quality of the photo can be forgiven. It was posted part of my Daily Snapfeed #92.


Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 3 of my contest just started...check it out!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Great photos and as I can see the comment section is filling up with more great ones...

Seen it on #PYPT

Wow! These are really some quality pics...I agree that first place was deserved!

I saw your post on PYPT. 😁


Command accepted!

Hey @axeman, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

These are some nice pictures...

That photo of Singapore is amazing!

Thanks for sharing on #PYPT

Great photos I must say. I appreciate a good photograph but I never really get to take them because my camera sucks

Really beautiful shots and very talented photographers.. Thanks for this initiative.. Thanks for presenting on #pypt ...

Hi there! Here mine to this week

city of KL

Thank you again for your appreciation and support, here is my entry to this edition:

View from the fortress of Corfu, Kerkira, Greece


Here is my photo for the contest. This is an ordinary view I have in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and I wanted to document it so I would not forget.

kuala lumpur southern view photography fitinfun.jpg

Here is my post with more info for this photo:

Thank you so much for holding this, @axeman,

And as to last week:

Thank you so much for the mention and the wallet transfer. I really appreciate both. And I love that you are giving comments. This is very helpful to me as I try to improve. You have wonderful pics for that week. The one from Johor is the one that had caught my eye.

This is a very good idea to put some description/explanation to selected pics.
My entry for this week is from Siena again:

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