What a Beach! Volume 2.1

in photography •  8 months ago


After surviving an encounter with a pair of snakes and some other beach predators...

And after taking a break to watch the crashing waves, my wife and I began our journey back home.

If you missed the previous installment of this epic adventure, you can catch up here: What a Beach! Volume 2.0

So there we were on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, watching the sea birds play in the surf.


This one spotted some potential food and was on the prowl...


Confused by both the incoming wave and our presence there, he decided to attempt a fake-out.

"You think you're going to take a picture of me? Well, check out this move!"


Didn't work.

The weather turned a bit chilly as the snow came rolling in. The birds weren't really sure what to do with it.


One of their tiny counterparts managed to find a warm, sunny patch of sand to ride out the blizzard.


Just when we thought everything was back to normal once again...

Another scavenger appeared!

What a frightful beast, he was! The natives weren't sure what to think about this vile creature invading their lands.


Oh, no! We've been spotted!


Being a student of the natural sciences, I knew how to deal with birds of prey. I instructed my wife to stand very still. If you don't move, a bird can't see you.

Fortunately for us, the strategy worked. Our lives were spared.


Then the savage predator found a new target and swooped in for the merciless kill.

That poor baby fish! We need to ban assault birds or something! No bird should be allowed to have a beak like that!


Things were getting a little dicey out there, so we decided to pick up the pace. We found a set of what looked like human tracks and followed them back up the beach.


Some soap suds were in the sand. An ocean bather must have been nearby. I can't say that I blame them for bathing in the ocean. The salt in the water is a wonderful exfoliant.


All we needed to see was this footprint from what was likely a spotted hyena and it was off to the races to get back to our car.


But before we left, I had to get the obligatory "barking" shot for my fans! It's the newest photography craze...started and perpetuated by me!



With the hyenas likely on our tail, I risked my life one last time to take a picture of this. I don't know what it is. Probably something poisonous, no doubt. This environment was far too dangerous for an evening stroll.


We survived our beach excursion...but barely.

I do it all for you, my loyal followers. And I'll be sure to do it again soon enough. My wife and I just need to work on our sprinting muscles first and maybe bring an extra gun or two, just in case.

Thanks for stopping by!

All photos taken by me with my Canon 6D.




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Haha how kind of you to go to the beach JUST for your followers!!

This part made me laugh:

"You think you're going to take a picture of me? Well, check out this move!"

I tell ya, beaks like that aint good for nothin but killin! lol

These are awesome pictures! I like what you did with the first one with that painting effects. Plus Baraka was the best character from Mortal Kombat 2.

I get a vicious vibe off seagulls too. That shrieking call, like a wolf howl, calling it's flock in to rip a piece of bread too shreds...

Good read :)

I am so glad that your wife and you have survived this very dangerous journey. Suppose you did not, who would still write these kinds of stories?
I will never look at a seagull again without paying attention :) Who knows what he (or she) is up to.

Such stunning live photos from you! They create the effect of presence, movement. I feel like I'm together with you, stroll along the coast, watching the habits of birds and feel the cool breeze from the sea. I'm getting warmer in my sweater. It really got colder. As this bird is warmed in the rays, in a warm place in the sand, so I put the face of the warm rays of the sun. The sea is always amazing. Even if it's the North sea. It has incredible charm and romance.

Who would have thought going to the beach would be so dangerous, usually I just bring googles so hopefully a bird doesn’t peck me in the eye. Birds can be very annoying, especially seagulls, they would be very aggressive if they saw we had food & in the water were Jelly fish. I am talking about Australian beaches!

The pictures are great, but the story made it even better. You're just full of talent


he's full of something!



hahaha, yeaaa you right

You're a most impressive naturalize photographer @ats-david. My heart deeply touch these stunning captures. Lat time I miss to see your priceless effort. But today I see all chapters of travel journey captures. Pretty remarkable shots. Be safe everywhere.

With the hyenas likely on our tail, I risked my life one last time to take a picture of this.

Why in the world would there be hyenas at the beach? And why would you go to a beach where it was likely that they were going to chase you down and eat your pet birds?

You need to think before you just go around taking pictures of everything...

Quite the experience! Glad you made it back.

I love your photography.
So beautiful @ats-david.
I love the beach and I also love nature and animal photography, so thank you for sharing these amazing photos.

Beatiful pictures ats-david!!
¡Aquí no hay playa!

Oh, I wish I hadn't opened your previous post, because I hate snakes.

I mean, I admire them, but I am scared of them.

I'd rather look at a seagull, lol.

By the way, it looks like that seagull is playing in the snow and not in the water on some pictures.

@ats-david, What amazing location you traveled & such a amazing sea birds clicks catch very close to see. I scary with awful snakes; but prefer to see innocent birds. They found meal through ocean. Who's a first painting work created? I most like ocean.

Thx ats-david, looking good, tomorrow I go to the beach.. I hope my witness server keeps running when I am swimming

Dope pictures, I might have missed it when I was reading, but what time of the day did you capture those. ( Beach with the birds ) has a nice vibe to it.

These are so beautiful, I love sea birds!

the pictures are great.it was existing journey .

Wow that's awesome photography, one upvote for you.

I am delighted with your article @ats-david, what beautiful pictures, I love the beach. Seagulls are exceptional birds, have a complex filtering system in their bodies that allows them to drink salt water and turn it into drinking water from inside.

God bless you and fill you with success, friend.


wow..so nice beach..this place so beautifull...thanks.for sharing.. with us..

this is just wonderful photography and nature is very very beautiful. I like your photography. just awesome. thank you so much for sharing this excellent photography with us.

This beautiful birds photography,i like this nature....

I miss your posts, man.

Like, I wish I saw more of them, and I also literally missed them during the curation period 😕


We’ll need to coordinate better next time.

Truly amazing ,what else can I say.

Super crisp and clean photos man! Nice.

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Saw your snake question to @herpetologyguy from last month. I think the pair of snakes that you saw on the dunes were definitely a species of Coachwhip. If you look at a google image search here you'll see a few images that I think look just like them. See what you think.

Amazing photography and very nice article.