Waterfall hunting on my way to Philly

Went out to Philly to visit a friend and on the way decided to go waterfall hunting. Found a few really nice ones in Deleware Water Gap on the way down. One was pretty out in the open.20180806_142124 (2).jpg
Some of the growth on the rocks and tress caught my eye.
This waterfall was down a trail a ways behind an abandoned house, I really enjoyed the plant growth coming out of this one, made me think of something from a fairy tale.
I didn't have a ton of time to explore more, I did find a spot to go swimming after this, and then drove out to philly. Hope to go back and spend a bit more time next time :-)


WOW MAN!!!!!
looks like waterfalls from heaven!!!
Hats of to creation of GOD ALMIGHTY........
You do have some extraordinary photography shills..
I am also a photographer but still learning...
One day I will be a pro just like you!!!

They were quite majestic ones! Thanks, I don't consider myself a pro, just try to capture the moment when I see it :-)
Keep at it!

Que hermosa vista me encantaría ir algún dia a verla y disfrutar la hermosa naturaleza que nos regalo Dios .

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I tried to join your discord channel but it appears the link does not work.

how it work. how to join their

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Wow amazing nature!!
Wonderful photography

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