30 Day Black and White Photo Challenge Day 7

in photography •  5 months ago

Pluviophile: a lover of the rain; one who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Captured with my Samsung Galaxy S6.

I appreciate your support :)

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lovely photo @arbitrarykitten
thank you for sharing


Thank you kindly @art-s <3



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Very cool to know, thank you!

I'm implementing it now


your most welcome

Very nice! Shots like this are so interesting; you can sit there for a long time and look at it and try to decide where you want the focus to be... and yet it is often the "happy accidents" that turn out more amazing than the carefully planned shot.



the "happy accidents" that turn out more amazing than the carefully planned shot. So true!

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Great one @arbitrarykitten

It look so cool, you take a good one and those drop give more importance and beauty to your pic...


I had to get down and shoot the water drops on the grasses, it was so still and quiet, with just a fine mist rain. I'm happy it worked out so well!

Thank you :)


Really beautiful black and white photography.
Precision at it's best.


Thank you so much!

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Today I wanted to apply what you told me but it is complicated by the topics I speak.
What I did was talk more as my experience
Before I spoke more generally.
I leave my link as I requested.
And any message or suggestion you let me know
Thank you
I hope you like it!



I'm heading over now :)

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