Hopeful Rainbow.

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Here's another one zoomed out more from that nice rainbow I recently filmed!
I think this shot is stunning and might be a better one to use than the one zoomed in closer.
I'm not sure though, will see what people think.

Unfortunately it looks like this was the most light I got on Courthouse Rock, I thought I had ones where Courthouse was more lit up, but, not with the bright vibrant rainbow anyways. Oh well. I still really like this one and the others even if Courthouse isn't lit up as much as I'd like! I think it's a truly beautiful image. I'm grateful I was out there and got to film it.

I actually had one person comment on the other rainbow picture saying that it like sort of.. A reminder to them that things are going to get better. And that was some really awesome feedback for me to know that my photography has gone beyond the point of "That's a beautiful picture" to a spiritual realm of giving someone positive feelings towards the future.

So, with that said. I don't know if this rainbow will give any of you a similar kind of feeling, but, if it does then that makes me happy that something I shared could do that for you. I hope things get better in the future and I can see how this rainbow and nature scene in Sedona could remind me of that possibility.
Anyways... That's it for me for now. Seeya later. <3


Thats a great picture. It seems like you never actually see a rainbow touch ground. I dont think i ever have seen one do so. Thats a really unique shot. It does feel hopeful. Thats a good description for it.

Thanks leaky20! And yeah, um.... Since a rainbow is like a light illusion I'm not sure it every technically physically can touch the earth or anything physical, and the closer you try to get to it the further it will get away so to my knowledge you can never "reach" the end of a rainbow as it will always keep getting further away, but... This one was one of the closest ones I've been to! I could see where it was terminating near the ground and I zoomed in on it with my camera, it was neat.

It is unique! And I agree hopeful is a good description. :)
Thanks for the comment man, and also... I have to ask. Are you aware of all this stuff going on with Hive and all that? What are you thoughts on the situation if you don't mind me asking?

Thats interestinv about the rainbow never touching ground. I didnt know that.

Well I'm aware that the Hive blog was created if thats what you a referring to. I dont know all of the ins and outs of the situation though. I see that most people are blogging on both platforms. Other than that...? I dont follow all of the details on these sorts of things. Theres just too much for me to stay informed. It seems that things change on the steem blockchain every other week. Its hard to keep up.

What are your thoughts?

It's a beauty, I like how the white clouds stand out so much along with some bright light on the rocks, high contrast. Nice shot!

I concur with your sentiments, Those white clouds sure were cool and went well with the blue sky and scattered lighting. Thanks for the feedback!

Hello @apolymask. You are very lucky, you are at the right time in the right place to witness beautiful natural events. Thank you for sharing them.

Hola @apolymask. Tienes mucha suerte, estas en el momento justo en el lugar adecuado para presenciar bellos acontecimientos naturales. Gracias por compartirlos.

Lucky indeed! And yeah, right place at the right time. It sure was beautiful. You're welcome for sharing, thank you for appreciating.

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