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Extremely RARE find from the Early Jurassic period!

in photography •  2 years ago

Belemnite rostrum.

Its was the last find of the day. First I thought its a normal and "boring" good 'ol belemnite rostrum, but i kept it for the size and the form. I left it for twoo days in my bag, then gone to the bathroom and washed it. When I discovered the pattern, I knew, I found something amazing what I never seen before.
I wrote a messege and uploaded some pictures to the FossilForum. After a short time i got the answer. It's a belemnite rostrum covered with BEEKITE.


Searching on Google, ask fossil hunter colleges. In Hungary they didn't know what are these rings. In Google pictures I found ONLY TWOO similar pictures. After some weeks I was there again with a friend, we found rostrums again, but all without the pattern.
So I think, this is the only BEEKITE BELEMNITE ROSTRUM in Hungary.




WP_20161023_00_26_04_Pro (2).jpg




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Nice post, amazing pattern. Keep up the good work!

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