Toxic and Aggressive Spiders.

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Spiders may not be one of the animals most favored by humans, especially if their size exceeds the size of your fingers, maybe you will kill the spider. But what will happen if the spider is the size of your hand? Yes, maybe you will scream or run scared.


Did you know that the biggest spider in the world has a width of up to 25 centimeters with a toe length of 14-20 centimeters. Even some types of large tarantula spiders become one of the choices of exotic animal lovers. This spider has a body length of 3-5 cm, with a foot length of 12-15 cm, the location of this habitat is in Indonesia and in other countries.


Generally, spiders make nests to trap their prey, but these spiders ambush their prey at the surface of the soil. This spider will not run away if he feels threatened, even he will prepare to attack.


The poison from this spider belongs to one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. Even most cases of spider bites that resulted in hospitalization of patients [in the emergency room] were caused by these spiders.

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