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Bruce perched himself in the last sunny location of the day in my cabin. I took these photos yesterday late in the afternoon.
I was going to take another picture of him this morning to add to my Saturday #caturday post but he's now somewhere up in the loft sleep hiding. After he ate his breakfast he quickly dismissed himself. He usually sits in the sunny east window after eating his breakfast. No sunny window this morning...no Bruce.




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@annephilbrick That is the perfect place for cat sunning, I bet Bruce thinks that spot was built just for him to take in the sun.

Bruce owns the whole cabin. I work off my rent by being his one on one personal servant 😁🤣🤷‍♀️😽😽🤗.

@annephilbrick hahahahahaha that is so true with cats

I have this theory that cats are solar-powered and that's the reason they always seek to sit in sunny spots. :-D

Happy Caturday!

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🤗 !
Happy Caturday to you too 😽 !!
Thank You for the CATtip 😊..!!!!
I love your your theory and I totally agree. He soaks up the sun in the day and also loves to sleep in sunny spots. Then....he's all rested and charged up for the night. Thats when he's the most active...😽..!!!

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Thank You...!!!

Warmed up in the sun.

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😊 !!
Yup, he's getting warmed up and charged up for his night maneuvers looking for mice...

Hi @annephilbrick,

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Gotta catch them when you can...:-)

🤗 !
He doesn't like having his picture taken. He's always suspicious...🤷‍♀️🙂.

Yay Bruce! I like that guy! lol. Hey I see a painting, isn't that a little extravagant for a minimalist?

Hello !!
I have only two small pictures hung up. They were my Grandmother's. I guess I'm a sentimental minimalist 😘 😊.
Bruce is a true sun worshiper and more so now the weather is getting cooler outside and inside. I'm conserving my wood for the real cold stuff to come. I'm only starting my woodstove once a day.

How cold is it getting at night up there? And are you still working on the stockpile of wood?

I sure am still working on gathering more wood...! No such thing as having to much...!!
The temperatures are all over the place. Not uncommon for this time time of year. Most of the nights are now are just at or just below freezing. Not to bad. I do have to start my woodstove real early in the a.m.

Wow, that is so interesting. So you are only using the woodstove for heat? Do you try to burn it all night while you sleep?

I will be burning through the night soon. For now I'm trying not to and use extra blankets for warmth. Trying to save my wood for the real deal cold stuff...

I get that. Does Bruce help keep you warm?

He does sleep on the bed but I can't say he really keeps me warm.
Three dogs would be better...😊😁...!