Ishtar Gate - Babylon 575 BC - Photo - Impressions

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 This gate was uncovered during 1899-1917 at Babylon; it was situated in the northern city wall and was named after the goddess Ishtar.The gate is decorated with bulls, dragons and a mythical animal(seen on the second row from the floor); the animal has the head and body of a snake, the front legs of a lion and the back legs of a bird; and let's not forget the scorpion sting in the tail.  

Mesopotamian lion

  All photos are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens, at The Pergamon Museum which is situated on the Museum Island in Berlin.

If you want to see photos from East Side Gallery go here.


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Fabulous arts, and great photo!


Thank you !

Wonderful this photography, I appreciate this art. and so beautiful your traveling......
keep it up my friend.

Beautiful craftsmanship, I would have loved to have seen it when it was first built. Thanks for sharing @anca3drandom. Upvoted and following :)

The wall pictures are so amazing.
really a very proficient work.

Great photos dear @anca3drandom when you see them you can think how that people though in that moment and what were special for them i mean is a door to the past. Regards

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Amazing! It's not a bunny? lol

That's a amazing Photography 😎

Traveling very beautiful. my best passion traveling.thanks for sharing wonderful post.
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some awesome photography again.
thanks for sharing.