Colorful mushrooms

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Gavrilovo is a settlement in the Leningrad region in Russia. Traveling through the forest can collect mushrooms. You have to be careful. Some mushrooms are poisonous. Usually, poisonous mushrooms have a bright coloring, which helps us avoid them. A friend send me the photos. I'm happy to share these photos:

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Nice. I like the first one :-)

Thank you!

it is very good to know the bad from the good ones,

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Unique mushroom

Love the info and the photo's Great job !

sir ,wonderful picture. resteemed and followed you.

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Love post...also want to thank you for the follow, I followed back :)

I love a mushroom foraging walk

It amazes me how you speak that the pretty ones are poisonous. Kind of a statement on life. LOL A great post my friend. Thanks for sharing.

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Very cool forest finds! :)
Love the colour on the second one.

First one looks great!

Loving the colorful mushrooms.

These are nice photoes i think. What kind of the mushrooms?