Autumn landscapes of nature.

in photography •  2 years ago

Autumn in Belarus diverse and beautiful. Tourists always say it.

Multi-colored leaves and a bit of sun light:

You begin to notice the details of nature:

Your mood changes with the weather. But if you feel sad, you take into the hands of the leaves and you will be merrier:

Autumn sky looks like the sea:

Swans becomes difficult to find food. You feed the swans, and they will answer with love:

I love autumn like any other time of the year!

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Great shots, especially the second!


Thank you for rating! Choosing a moment for photography's is difficult, but it brings a lot of fun :)

Lovely photos! What type of birds are they with the nests? Beautiful colours.


Thank you for your comment! Our winters are cold, so the birds have flown away to Africa. The forests are empty, but the landscapes admired me.

I love these pictures!


Thank you for rating!

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