Roses' night

in #photography5 years ago

Hello, how are you spending the weekend?
I hope you all are allright and are having fun in the weekend.

Today I am in my natal city and I am enjoying a tasty dish - composed of waffles, nutella, strawberries and roses ice cream.
Over the ice cream it was a chocolate topping.

Also, I ordered a lemonade of roses. And, of course, my parfume smells like fresh roses. A coincidence after all. 😉

I would like you to smell and feel the aroma that surround me.


I could have chosen from many other flavors like nutella, bananes and vanilla ice cream or nutella, forest fruits and any kind of ice cream I wanted, but I've chosen this one because that is what I like so far.

What are you're favorite flavor for waffles?

This photo is taken with my smartphone, I am sorry for the bad lightening.



Friend, how delicious it looks ... I'm glad to see one of your rich publications, hahaha. I like waffles with nutella and banana. They are wonderful!!!

Indeed, they are so delicious! ❤️

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