A night through the clouds - Nor Sky Casual Restaurant

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On the 36th floor of the SkyTower building is the NOR restaurant that offers a superb view of Bucharest and a menu consisting of 36 recipes inspired by international and local cuisine.


Going up with the elevator in the Sky Tower is also a fascinating experience itself, rarely happening to you to get above the city in few moments.



In a few seconds, the elevator rises "between the clouds" up to the 36th floor, enough for not be able to hear with your ears because of the quick up movement, as if you've gotten to the mountain. There you are welcomed by a young lady who leads you to the reserved table.

A part of the restaurant is elegant, with very comfortable sofas in red leather and the other part with simple tables and chairs.

Because I really wanted to enjoy the view and enjoy a tasty dinner, I went to this restaurant with my colleagues. At dessert I opted for papanasi, some donuts with sour cream and cranberry jam.


The others preferred to consume them with black chocolate and vanilla.


Prices are not small at NOR Sky Casual Restaurant, but for the unique panorama and quality service it is worth paying a little more. You must make a reservation because it is quite crowded.

The restaurant has a capacity of 200 seats. When designing the space, the designers thought the furniture would not exceed 86 centimeters in height in order not to affect the visual field of the clients.

Serving is extraordinarily fast, in less than 15 minutes the waiters bring you the ordered food.

The interior design is superb, the tables are scattered and you can listen to the music in the background.

It is an ideal restaurant for a romantic dinner. ❤️❤️❤️



beautiful restaurant, delicious and appetizing food

Yes, the food is very delicious. 😍
Have a nice day!

ahhh I would like a dinner in that restaurant, it must be spectacular to see the whole city from above while you eat with your partner ... and the dessert looks delicious, friend! how I missed these publications of yours, that make me crave those wonderful sweets hahaha ... 😊

Haha, I'll write other posts about desserts thinking of you 🤗
Indeed, the view is amazing ❤️

cool, thank youuuuu dear .... I'll be waiting ... and prepare for cravings hahaha because you publish some desserts that I crave a lot, hahaha especially if they are chocolate .... I love chocolate! 😍

By the way, these days I started using discord ... I did not like it but I had to start using it, so I added several friends and added you ... I do not know if you use discord ... but I added you. Good night. Friend.

Desserts with chocolate are my favorite 😍😍😍
I use discord too, we can talk anytime.

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