Valley of the Dead Glaciers

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This landscape is remarkable because there are very clearly visible traces of the activity of the glacier. Look at the picture in full size. To the right in the corner is a man looking at the valley of the River Suhahy. These hills in the valley are the traces of the glacier, which, with its mass, has buried the soil into a pile. When we climbed to the top of one of the hills, I was surprised to find on its top river pebbles and rounded boulders, the shape of which was created by the movement of water. Imagination draws a huge glacier that created this landscape. Judging by the sides of the moraine, its height was about 100 meters, and higher to the sources of the river, it could even exceed this mark. It's amazing how great the power of glaciers is.


Great photo of a beautiful landscape.

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Yes, you can see the moraines left by the glaciers - that's geological history :D Keen eye @alexeyvoron and a beautiful image

Where is this located my friend? it is stunning!

I tried to open the picture in full size but i think i can't, i would like to enjoy the photo in a bigger size :)

Hello! It is located in Russia, in the North of the Far East in the Magadan Region, on the way to Jack London Lake. Now I am preparing an album about these places.

What a beautiful photo. I also love that you talked about the glacier. I have never seen one, but would love to see one. I think geology is so exciting and you explained this all so well. I can envision the river pebbles and boulders on the top of these deposits. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us all.

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