Fuji X100F camera review - Bringing fun back into photography process

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It's about time I share my impressions about the Fuji X100F after using it for 8 months now. Main reason why I purchased it is its size and portability, universality and just overall beautiful look. This is how it performed so far.


X100F is almost a pocket camera and you can easily put it in your jacket and go out without the need for bag or backpack. It weighs at around 470g with battery and memory card which makes it a blast to carry it around the whole day if you are travelling, exploring or having enjoyable family time.

The build quality seems to be really good, and there's no cheap plastic parts to worry about. Even though it's not weather sealed, I've spent a fair amount of time shooting in the rain often getting the camera wet and never had a problem. (I'm not recommending testing its limits though :) )

The lens is a fixed 23mm f/2 which is a 35mm equivalent for a full frame. This means the only way you can zoom in/out is with your feet. I was used to this focal length before I bought the camera and feel it is the sweet spot working for all sorts of different scenarios. With it being relatively wide, it enforces you to follow the Robert Capa quote and get close to your subjects, which makes the process of photographing more intimate.

You can also buy a digital teleconverter which effectively changes the focal length from 35mm to 50mm. Personally, I like the minimalistic approach of the camera and haven't had the need to extend it so far. Btw, if you are wondering about the square lens hood, I ordered it from here, it's plastic compared to the one you can buy from Fuji, but I like the look of it and it helps block the light and prevent glare.

Design and functionality

This is where everyone falls in love with X100F. Fuji guys have put a lot of effort to combine the classic design of old film cameras with the modern technology of 2018. Result is the camera that is incredibly fun to use but which also produces amazing results. It comes in two color varieties - a discrete black and retro silver. Aperture, ISO and shutter speed dials can all be accessed manually without going into menu, each giving a pleasing, clicking sound when adjusting. Aperture ring is right on the lens itself making it effortless to switch from one value to another. There's also enough function buttons to set up the camera according to your personal preference. Menu is straightforward and well organized, divided into pages so different settings are easy to find.

Cool features

Built-in ND filter is an incredible feature and it helped me a lot of times to get the desired effect even when conditions are harsh. If you are not familiar, ND or neutral density filter can be attached in front of the lens to block certain amount of light so you can for example shoot wide open even during daylight or smooth out the water/clouds by shooting long exposures during golden/blue hour.

This particular built-in ND filter reduces the amount of light that enters the camera by 3 stops. This gives you a lot of creative options to play with.

Another awesome feature is a leaf shutter which, whisper-quiet, goes hand in hand with the natural feel of the camera. By turning it to silent you can blend in any environment whether it be street or a friend gathering and document the important spontaneous moments.

Camera has both optical and electronic viewfinder and you can even try with the hybrid - combination of the two.

There are film simulations you can shoot in that try to mimic the look of renowned Fuji's photographic films. This means you will get the cool look on your photos instantly (only on JPEGs) without having to deal with huge raw files. Classic chrome, provia, acros, sepia, velvia are some of the included simulations. Personally, I like to create certain look on my photos so rarely use these straight-out-of-camera JPEGs. But it can be really easy and fun to use.

Drawbacks / Features I wish it had

Lack of a flip-out screen makes it challenging to shoot from extreme angles like close to the ground or high above the head. This is the most important thing I'm missing from the camera. It's also impossible to vlog without a second screen mounted on a hot shoe. With no 4K (max resolution at 1920x1080, 60fps) and no image stabilization, this camera is not made to be a primary video camera, so if that's your thing - I would choose something else.

In conclusion, this camera seems perfect for a family, street or travel photography enthusiasts. Image quality is excellent in RAW and JPEG, camera is extremely fun to use and if you don't care about high quality video or flip-out screen, then you will probably enjoy this one.

Below are some example photos taken with X100F

Yes, this one did go through some post-processing...

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Okay, now I'm graving for this. I've been secretly dreaming of a small but good camera for nights out and days when I really don't wanna carry heavy gear but still want to have a quality all-around camera with me. And an iPhone is not good enough for that.


Sounds like you would enjoy X100F. Fuji has even smaller series of compact cameras - for example just yesterday they announced XF10 which will be a lot cheaper than X100F.
I would still recommend the first one though. :)

Great review! I hadn’t heard much about the Fuji x100F, so it was nice to see your personal take on it. I do enjoy the retro film style design of the camera... that might be my favorite part.

The lens is a fixed 23mm f/2 which is a 35mm equivalent for a full frame. This means the only way you can zoom in/out is with your feet.

That line made me laugh, and I like your philosophy about getting up close and personal to your subjects. But no zoom?? I would have to get use to that!

Clearly it takes beautiful photos though. Thanks for sharing!


Yeah you can't be lazy with this camera. You would get used to no zooming quickly. It's very intuitive to use and just begs you to take it and go shooting. :) And, as you noticed, it takes beautiful photos.

Glad you enjoyed the review!

The photos are amazing with so much detail when compared to the size of the camera. It would really be a good choice for a general travel photography if the cost is reasonable enough.
Btw how much did it cost along with all the peripherals ?


Exactly. It's not a cheap camera however - you can get one for $1300 or so. I still believe it's worth the money.


Wow. That's a little pricey. I have to check how it compares to the X-T2 at $1,100 (body only).


Somewhat different design (x100f is like a fixed lens version of the x-pro2) and x-t2 has a flip-out screen. Other than that pretty similar. For example x-t2 with a Fujinon 23mm f/2 (the one they put on x100f) would cost around $1550. All depends what you need.

Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup

Thanks for the interesting review. I guess, the photos, you took, say a lot about the quality of the camera. I love the kid on the bike a lot, also the man in the storm and the last photo has a nice perspective.


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the photos. :)

Wow. Awesome review. I find it very useful considering that I am lining up purchasing the Fujifilm X-T2 in the nearest possible time. Well... that or an X-E3, depending on how rich I am going to be at the time. I have seen a lot of positive vibes from people who are practically using the FujiFilm cameras and lenses, and I am loving it. Yours sure adds to that excitement. And, awesome picture there. Great vision. My favourites have to be 2 and 6. I love pictures of people, though I dread that creature 😉


Great choice! X-T2 is a really good camera and with this current discount definitely worth the money. Keep in mind that you'll have to buy one or two lenses to go with it which may cost another $1000.
I'm happy that you enjoyed the photos as well!


Legitimate concern, which is why I'm thinking I can sacrifice the three-way screen articulation and save $200 with the X-E3, and then add some $300 and get the Rokinon 35mm cine lens. It's a tough life being both frugal and shopping for the best. Lol.

Sjajan aparat, ali samo za posebne korisnike koji znaju da ga upotrebe i izvuku sav potencijal

i kinda missed this type of cameras. just few weeks ago i seen Ricoh that my friend got, and it was quite nice. Quality digital camera with sensor made for exactly that one lens gets quality results. design of this fuji is great, mix of the film and digital look gives great results.
And i really loved it until i got to the price part :) it is just to much for a compact at least for me.
Nice photos


Sorry about the late reply. Yeah, it is pricey for a compact camera, but like I said it has almost everything a non-pro photographer needs. And for the pros, it's a good backup camera or for the casual days.