First time shooting film - Canon AE-1 + Kodak Portra 400

in photography •  5 months ago

Shortly after my project from a few months back where I "pretended to shoot film" I went ahead and bought myself a Canon AE-1 analog camera with 50mm f/1.4 lens. So I've been playing with it couple of times and yesterday got to develop my first roll of film.

It's quite a challenge operating this manual camera compared to digital ones I've used before. But I'm hoping to improve my skills through the whole process. The film I used is Kodak portra 400 and I'm really happy with the way colors turned out. What's most enjoyable about film photography is all the waiting and anticipation before the film is developed and you finally get to see all the photos you made.

Below are just practice shots taken while travelling to Budapest and exploring the nearby forest with my brother. Let me know what you think. :)

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Oh wow 😯 these are stunning. I think the forest shots are my favorite. It seems that film has the ability to portray the colors exactly as they were, which I find hard to accomplish in digital... film just captures nature in all its beauty.

I don’t know what it is about film photography that is just so awe inspiring to me, the colors are so soft and dreamy and there is just a feel of nostalgia about them that I can’t get enough of. I’ve always had the desire to shoot and develop my own film... the thought of taking each shot and then seeing it appear before your eyes during developing.. sigh.

I hope you continue with this, they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.


I am glad you enjoyed the photos! Colors are beautiful in this film and I love the contrast. When shooting digital, there's lot of editing to do before the photos look decent.

I can't say if it will last, but I'm really enjoying the whole analog experience. And like you said, it's best if you can develop the film at home and see the photos appearing before your eyes. :)

Why not go ahead and try it out for yourself? Trusty film cameras can be found for a really cheap price. Would love to follow your analog journey. :)


You may be inspiring me to do just that...thank you

These are remarkable! Each one is so different than the next. Bokeh backgrounds to very sharp and clean and a gorgeous silhouette.

The skyline captures are very beautiful to look at.

Great beginnings. You really do have a good eye for composition too!


Thank you! Can't wait to dive deeper into this cause I'm loving the results and the whole process. And the bokeh on this lens is amazing! Also, I'm planning to repeat the project from months ago in August, this time with the actual film camera. :D


Oh darn. I'm taking the summer off....I might peek in now and again. Good luck with your challenge again :) Have an amazing summer @alcibiades. :)


Enjoy your holiday @countrygirl :)

such enchanting impressions ~ especially of the city ~ 😍 ~


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. :)


who wouldn’t ~ ✨ ~ :)

Gotta love that authentic grain! Congrats on the analog bravery hehe keep it up ;-)

PS. that 1.4 bokeh is absolutely delicious!


Yes! The 1.4 bokeh turned out stunning.

Welcome to the platform!

Nice job, you wouldn't think it was your first roll.
Hope you keep shooting analog :)


Hey thanks! And I most certainly will. :)

The AE-1 is a great camera to start with. Nice shots!


Thank you! Agreed, it is fairly easy to use and auto aperture can help. Although I've tried to stay away from it and do everything manually. :)

Such nice captures of nature ... Thoroughly enjoyed... Hope to see more such content

Nice Picture alcibiades ! :D
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Wow! Amazing! So nice, beautiful and attractive. These pictures reveal the beauty of nature especially the forests and flowers. I love nature.

Yay so glad you got an analog! These are great! Even the ones that are out of focus are so good, that's what I love about film normally with out of focus shots on a digital camera most people would just delete, but with film it just makes the shot more interesting and unique, looking forward to seeing more!


That's what impressed me the most! Out of focus shots look nice as well so I decided to include them. More coming soon. :)


Look forward to it!