Early morning woodland photography

in photography •  24 days ago 

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and decided to go for a ride to a nearby forest and take some photographs. My knee is still healing so I took my bike with me to avoid excessive walking. It was cloudy when I got there but the sun came through soon after. Most of the photos taken using tripod so I could get everything in focus and use slow shutter speed. Hope you enjoy.

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Missing people at these photos, @alcibiades :)

Haha I had to go with something different this time, @lighteye. :)

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oh my leaves

These are beautiful and I’m glad you got to get out and explore a bit. That one floating through the air is ridiculous btw, such a great shot.

Thank you very much, Justine! :) It's good to be back outside at least for a little while. Glad you like the floating leaf. :D

Pretty shots :) what's the green blob?

Thanks! :D The green blob should be this osage orange, I don't know much about it, but there's plenty of it in this forest.

Looks like it wad a beautiful morning to be out in nature. Thanks for sharing.

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It certainly was. Glad you enjoyed it.

Beautiful photos!

Thank you!

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Thank you!

OMG, these are beautiful



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Very beautiful picture...

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