Flower Photography

in photography •  3 months ago

Flower Photos of the Day

  • A beautiful red Gumamela

  • The Lavender Wild Trumpet

  • Bonus Photo of Sunset at LVJ beach

Photography Submission for a beautiful steemit
Flowers reminds me of a beauty that passed in a blink of an eye
A sunset reminds its beauty and dark night ahead!

All photos are taken personally
medium: 16 MP Cm Smartphone

Thanks for your visit!


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"Redfish is the first rank in steemit, next will be minnow, dolphin, orca and the last whales"


above images are clickable, come try it

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Beautiful photos. Particular sunset.


I just love sunset photo also,

I like gumamela. Naa me dghan tanom sa amua. Mabuhion nga buwak.


In Philippines, gumamela grows anywhere due to out climate

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Beautiful and attractive flowers


thank you for responding too

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