Potato Flower !

in #photography5 years ago

Potato is one of the important food and largest crop consumed for vegetable and foods. I was in the potato farm last week near Kathmandu valley and found beautiful flower on potato plant. Here are some shots of beautiful flowers of potato.

Thank you so much !

Namaste !


Wonderful flowers! In Ukraine, too, bloom potatoes, but in July!

Glad you like it my friend !

it´s a fantastic flower

Thank you so much for stopping here !

it doesn't seem like potato flower ....by the way nice clicks

Yes it is potato flower ! Glad you like it !!

Beautiful pictures clicked!

Many thanks Bindu !

Very pretty... I have not seen potato flowers before, even though I had some plants growing but before they flowered, I didn't water them once and they all died! 😢 So thank you very much for sharing these... Namaste!

We can rarely see the flowers in our garden but we can find them in potato farm ! Do you know some flowers fruit like tomato ! Thank yous o much dear @ackhoo ! 🙏

wow ! I never saw a potato flower before. And is it pretty. Not at all like a potato :D

yes, very few people see such rare flowers.

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