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in photography •  18 days ago

As I talked about restoring some good habits in my previous post, I kept thinking about how much time I have given myself to be around nature. And it felt good to realise that I have been keeping that in check.. I think that's also cause I am most inspired and relaxed when I am around greenery or the hills or water bodies. I found some pictures from days which are a little memorable for me and thought of sharing it here!












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I like the cactuses most.. Their colours are so cute.. Anyway I think there is a big connection between te green nature and humans.. It is soothing us and letting us to forget every problems in our lifes for a time..


Yeah, the cactus ones were something I had never seen before. Very attractive! And I agree with what you said. It's very important to be a part of nature!

These are very good photography

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Thanks a lot!

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